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The latest news and information from IDIS.

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Alle marktleiders, innovaties en trends op het gebied van beveiliging en (brand)veiligheid onder één dak.

Alle marktleiders, innovaties en trends op het gebied van beveiliging en (brand)veiligheid onder één dak.May 30 , 2013Hits : 5002

Bezoek van 4 t/m 6 juni Safety & Security Amsterdam en krijg in één dag een complete update van de beveiligings

- en (brand)veiligheidsbranche.



NIEUW! Themawerelden voor branchespecifieke veiligheidsvraagstukken

Alle onderdelen van beveiliging en (brand)veiligheid komen op SSA samen onder één dak. Bepaalde branches zoals zorg, overheid,  

retail en transport & logistiek,kennen hun eigen specifieke veiligheids- en beveiligingsproblematiek.  

Om de bezoeker uit deze branches gericht te informeren, worden in samenwerking met kennisinstellingen en belangenbehartigers  

uit deze branches doelgroepgerichte 'werelden' ingericht. 

U vindt hier een  toegesneden programma en de mogelijkheid om onderling ervaringen uit te wisselen.


Datum en openingstijden

De vakbeurs vindt plaats in de Europahal (Hal 1) van Amsterdam RAI:

Dinsdag     4 juni 2013:      10.00 - 18.00 uur
Woensdag  5 juni 2013:      10.00 - 18.00 uur
Donderdag  6 juni 2013:      10.00 - 18.00 uur

For more about SSA






Register for SSA 2013



Unveils plans to launch next generation video surveillance solution - 04 Feb 2013

Unveils plans to launch next generation video surveillance solution - 04 Feb 2013May 23 , 2013Hits : 4070

DirectIP delivers true plug and play technology providing a simple yet powerful high-definition surveillance solution


BRENTFORD, LONDON, 4 FEBRUARY 2013 – IDIS has announced plans to launch its next generation video surveillance solution powered by their revolutionary DirectIP™ protocol.  


With a fifteen-year history leading the surveillance market as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for some of the world’s largest security organisations, 

IDIS will launch its own suite of IP high-definition (HD) cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and video management system (VMS) built on IDIS’s game changing DirectIP framework and protocols. 

The solution suite provides the industry’s first true one-stop-shop HD surveillance solution from a single source provider, while the DirectIP framework and VMS allow simple, low cost installation and ease of use previously only associated with analog systems.


Mr Brian Song, European Director, IDIS, noted, “As the proliferation of IP and HD systems has grown, our customers and partners frequently report frustration with the  many challenges presented by an overly fragmented and unnecessarily complex surveillance marketplace.“


“Customers, installers and end-users face difficulties related to increased integration and implementation costs, growing complexity in network configuration,

and the sheer effort and cost tied to the maintenance of varied equipment from multiple vendors. IDIS’s new, fully integrated DirectIP solution suite addresses these challenges both definitively and affordably.”


IDIS has drawn upon its extensive R&D and on-the-ground expertise to develop a true best-in-class HD surveillance solution.

This DirectIP solution suite will provide unrivalled simplicity, evident immediately from ease of installation and integration through to daily use of its user-friendly interface. 


DirectIP from IDIS will provide the first true end-to-end, plug and play solution by delivering instant recognition by the NVR of every networked camera—enabling end users to start monitoring live video immediately without cumbersome network configuration requirements. 

It will further eliminate the complexities of traditional networked surveillance systems with an installation that no longer requires the manual input of device IP addresses or related port forwarding and routing.

The DirectIP switching hub and camera registration will allow multi-connection structures between NVRs while supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices and simple, uncomplicated integration with intruder alarms and other electronic security systems.


The IDIS solution will provide real-time live monitoring with HD resolution from outstanding network throughput maintaining a stable HD resolution regardless of external network traffic and cameras will record direct to the NVR in real-time (in an HD resolution or higher). 

In addition, the IDIS NVR will be equipped to perform five key Pentaplex processes simultaneously with no degradation of image quality or network interruptions – live-view, record, playback, remote access and backup of audio and video files, giving users greater choice and ease in everyday use.


Song continued, “Customers have previously been required to trade away ease of installation and operation in order to upgrade from analog systems. 

With the launch of the DirectIP™ solution suite from IDIS, customers will now recognise unprecedented levels of simplicity and ease of use, all whilst experiencing the kind of power and intelligence one would expect from a sophisticated network high-definition surveillance system.”

Launches new website ahead of its IP-enabled and HD video surveillance launch

Launches new website ahead of its IP-enabled and HD video surveillance launchMay 23 , 2013Hits : 3972

New IDIS website showcases DirectIP™ solution suite for next generation high-definition video surveillance


BRENTFORD, LONDON, 25 FEBRUARY 2013 – IDIS has launched a new website ahead of its DirectIP™ launch in May at IFSEC International.

The new website reveals the new IDIS suite of high-definition (HD) cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and video management system (VMS) built on the game changing DirectIP™ framework.


The website will provide a resource for detailed product specifications, customer support, case studies and whitepapers as well as all the latest news and opinion from IDIS worldwide locations.


Mr Brad Kim, Product Planning and Marketing Manager, IDIS, said, “The new website kicks off a series of investments we are making across infrastructure and marketing for our European markets. Our DirectIP™ launch in May, will cement IDIS’s continuing leadership in video surveillance serving a truly global range of customers.”

For more information, e-mail info@idisglobal.com. 

Rolls out Pan-European advertising campaign

Rolls out Pan-European advertising campaignMay 23 , 2013Hits : 3979

New print and on-line advertising promotes IDIS next generation DirectIP™ high-definition video surveillance solutions



BRENTFORD, LONDON, 11 FEBRUARY 2013 – IDIS has rolled out a new advertising campaign featuring its next generation high-definition (HD) video surveillance due for launch in May at IFSEC International.



The multi-language “next generation” campaign is appearing across a range European titles and outlets through a series of full-page print and on-line banner advertisements. The series includes striking images that reflect IDIS’s innovation and game changing next generation HD video surveillance solutions. At the heart of the campaign, is the DirectIP™ framework providing simplicity and usability, previously only associated with installing and operating analogue systems.



At the same time, the campaign speaks to the rich history of IDIS leading the surveillance market with a commitment to innovation coupled with unrivalled quality, reliability and performance. It is this passion, which has made IDIS the world’s leading DVR manufacturer with over 1.7 million installations.



Mr Brad Kim, Product Planning and Marketing Manager, IDIS, said, “We have designed the campaign to educate the industry to what is possible using our next generation DirectIP™ solutions. We have removed the complexities associated with networks, IP devices and HD surveillance to deliver an end-to-end cost effective solution with the performance, reliability and flexibility synonymous with IDIS products. The campaign further cements our commitment to the European market and continued investment in local infrastructure and operations.”

For more information, e-mail info@idisglobal.com.

Announces sponsorship of CCTV and video surveillance product area at IFSEC

Announces sponsorship of CCTV and video surveillance product area at IFSECMay 23 , 2013Hits : 6746

IDIS confirms stand, headline sponsorship and plans to launch the industry’s next generation HD video surveillance at this year’s

IFSEC International 


BRENTFORD, LONDON, 14 JANUARY 2013 – IDIS has confirmed its headline sponsorship of the CCTV and video surveillance product area at IFSEC International on 13-16 May, 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom.  


IFSEC’s CCTV and video surveillance product area will cover all aspects of CCTV and video surveillance, this dedicated product area will feature the very latest products and services in the industry, including video surveillance, central control rooms, and the innovations with high definition technology.


IDIS have also confirmed a 126sqm stand in Hall 5 D30 where it will be launching its next generation DirectIP™ high definition video surveillance. Built on game changing DirectIP™ framework and products, IDIS will launch its own suite of IP high-definition (HD) cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and video management system (VMS). 


Mr Brad Kim, Product Planning and Marketing Manager, IDIS, commented, “We are hugely excited to be sponsoring and having a stand at IFSEC this year.  The show is a major event in the security industry calendar and offers us the prefect platform to launch our next generation HD video surveillance.  We look forward to welcoming visitors to discover the future of networked IP video solutions enabled by our DirectIP™ framework.”


IDIS will be launching its DirectIP™ solutions in Hall 5 stand D30 on 13-16 May 2013 at IFSEC.  For more information, e-mail ifsec@idisglobal.com

IDIS to Debut Simple and Affordable HD Video Surveillance Solutions for All at IFSEC

IDIS to Debut Simple and Affordable HD Video Surveillance Solutions for All at IFSECMay 23 , 2013Hits : 3955

DirectIP™ offers scalable and flexible next generation video surveillance for businesses, large and small, at industry leading prices


BRENTFORD, LONDON, 02 APRIL 2013 – IDIS, the industry’s leading DVR manufacturer,  has revealed its stand at this year’s IFSEC will be dedicated to demonstrating its revolutionarily simple and affordable, plug-and-play, high-definition (HD) DirectIP™ video solutions for business large and small.


IDIS will showcase its game-changing DirectIP™ solutions on stand D30 in Hall 5 at IFSEC International from 13 – 16 May 2013. Packaged as a one-stop-shop affordable solution, comprising a range of cameras and network video recorders (NVR), DirectIP™ delivers unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity, combined with highest-quality performance, compatibility, and industry leading pricing.


Presented across three, dynamic “experience zones,” IDIS will demonstrate exactly how DirectIP™ will improve security operations for enterprises large, medium or small:


·       Small Business Zone – Visitors will see how DirectIP™ delivers a truly affordable video solution to small business—comprised of a range of cameras and four to eight channel NVRs, with  simple, uncomplicated plug-and-play installation and configuration that requires little to no training. With DirectIP™, small businesses such as retailers can lower costs, all while realising the full benefit of HD surveillance. End-users can benefit from the flexibility of network-enabled solutions, while installers retain existing customers, without re-training or requiring complicated network knowledge or skills. 


·       Medium Business Zone – DirectIP™ is the cost-effective solution for medium sized enterprises, increasing asset protection and situational awareness, while speeding up response times and the investigation of incidents.  Free, embedded client software enables simple and cost-effective configuration, providing integration with third party systems including intruder, access or point of sale (POS) systems.  Medium sized organisations will find a simplified security buying chain with IDIS’s single source solution, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, software licenses and associated on-going maintenance costs.


·       Large Enterprise Zone – For large enterprises, IDIS will show how DirectIP™ provides the scalability and flexibility ideal for large-scale multi-site video surveillance at an incomparable price.  As a single source solution, DirectIP™ significantly reduces the total cost of ownership through use of its own switching hubs, network accessories and the capability to record and store video without expensive IT storage solutions or hardware. DirectIP™ leverages existing fibre networks without the need for third party routing and switching reducing latency and the cost of complex cabling while eliminating image degradation across the network. On the stand, security managers and integrators will see how embedded IDIS video management software enables simple integration with third party systems to provide an intelligent event and alarm handling platform.  Inherent failover capability, condition monitoring and secure protocols make DirectIP™ a compliant and stable surveillance solution for large mission critical security operations.


“Visitors to the IDIS stand at IFSEC will see clearly that DirectIP™ is the next generation in HD surveillance in a simple and affordable package,” noted Brian Song, Managing Director, IDIS, “Video systems should be easy to install, configure and operate. We looked at how the industry installs and operates analogue systems and realised that networked HD video surveillance had become far too complicated and expensive.


“With DirectIP™, we have eliminated complicated configuration, reduced installation costs, and ensured simple, everyday use—resulting in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.  At IFSEC, we will demonstrate how the entire security buying chain from distributors to installers to end-users can benefit from DirectIP™.”


Visitors pre-booking DirectIP™ demonstrations during IFSEC receive automatic entry into the IDIS daily prize draw for fantastic prizes, including two weekend breaks—an exhilarating driving experience and a golfing excursion to a championship course of choice.  Visitors should e-mail ifsec@idisglobal.com to book a dedicated time slot and experience first-hand next generation video surveillance. 


For more information on IDIS and DirectIP™ solutions, visit www.idisglobal.com or e-mail info@idisiglobal.com.