IDIS and PSX, Inc. Provide Surveillance Solution for Expanding Surgical Practice

  • IndustryHealthcare
  • CustomerClinique Dallas Plastic Surgery
  • RegionDallas, Texas, USA
  • IDIS PartnerPSX, Inc.

About Dr. Antonetti

A respected leader and innovator in
plastic surgery

John W. Antonetti, MD is a renowned plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellent surgical work and a commitment to patient health and satisfaction. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He graduated from Texas A&M University and obtained his medical degree and completed his residency in plastic surgery at The University of Texas Medical Branch. Prior to establishing Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery, he traveled to Ghent, Belgium, where he completed his Fellowship for Microsurgery, Perforator Flaps, and Advanced Breast Reconstructive techniques.


World-class surgical practice looks to
enhance security

Dr. Antonetti established Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth community with a team of hand-picked surgical experts who make the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of patients their highest priority. When Dr. Antonetti wanted to expand his practice and further enhance patient and staff safety, he and integration partner, PSX, Inc., turned to IDIS for a total surveillance solution scaled to meet their needs.

IDIS worked with PSX, Inc. to develop and install a surveillance solution that ensures the security of the Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery facility and those associated with it. The solution should be easy to maintain and can scale up as required for future expansions. IDIS’s latest-generation solutions and forward-thinking approach aligned perfectly with Dr. Antonetti’s own reputation for modern, forward-thinking approaches to care, offering yet another differentiator for one of the Dallas-area’s most respected plastic surgery practices.

Solution and Results

A tailored, low maintenance solution

In partnership with PSX, Inc., the IDIS Total Solution has provided latest-generation safety, security, and peace of mind to Dr. Antonetti and Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery. The installation was quick and seamless thanks to IDIS‘s smart technology and signature ease of both installation and use. The practice is already benefitting from the intuitive and user friendly experience provided by IDIS, and it is resting assured that future maintenance and upgrade costs are contained by future-proof IDIS technology. This technology guarantees backward compatibility with future IDIS offerings, ensuring scalability and reducing both hassle and expense for Dr. Antonetti and his practice.

" PSX, Inc. teamed with IDIS due to our familiarity with the IDIS America team and our confidence in the quality of their total solution products. We believe firmly in delivering the highest performance to our clients and IDIS allows us to do that. With IDIS, our clients get both innovative technology and a lower total cost of ownership. "

Alan Morris
VP of Sales in Texas, PSX Inc.

PSX, Inc. is a 47 year old parking system and security integration company, with offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Houston, and Tampa.


Delivering a safe and secure environment for all

The commitment to quality and innovation shared by Dr. Antonetti and PSX, Inc. extends to the safety and security of patients and staff alike.

With the IDIS Total Solution, Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery is now benefitting from:

• Increased patient security and peace of mind
• Greater accountability and quality control in patient care
• State of the art security for all on premises
• Lower system maintenance and reduced downtime
• A scalable solution to allow for future expansion, if needed

" Delivering the best in forward-thinking and intuitive care is central to our practice and we expect the same from those we work with. IDIS is the definition of a modern, next-generation security and surveillance company, and they have enhanced our safety and security as a result. "

John W. Antonetti, MD
Medical Director, Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery