Vertical Solution


Educational institutions such as universities can safeguard their campuses using IDIS’s DirectIP® technology, by:

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  • DirectIP® PoE Switch
  • DirectIP® NVR
  • Media Converter(RJ45 tp SFP Converter)
  • PC Server
  • Cat5 / Cat5e (~100Mbps)
  • Cat5e /Cat6 (~1Gbps)
  • Optical Cable (~10km)

Suitability and Benefit

Intelligent Observation

Centralized monitoring across campus facilities provides operators with at-a-glance verification of incidents and management of multiple cameras through real-time floor plans and intelligent mapping features. DirectIP® solutions support remote access and management, providing a flexible operational approach for operators and manned guarding teams.

Video Conferencing and Lectures

Two-way audio and real-time streaming of video provide advanced educational video conferencing, enabling remote lectures. Once recorded, lectures are easily managed and downloaded from cloud services to provide a flexible learning experience.

Increased Protection of Students, Staff, and Assets

Virtual guard tours supplement manned guarding and free up security staff for other duties. Combined with DirectIP® event alarm management, operators can initiate a prompt response to emergencies and incidents.