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  • [A]Alarm In (TTL)

    Contact alarm like a switch. It is used to connect other sensor devices for bi-state signals, such as Open or Close to map door sensor for example.

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  • [R]RS232/485

    Serial communication standard. There are many legacy system using RS232/485 communication, such as PTZ cameras. RS232 is bi-directional 1-to1 communication method, while RS485 is bi-directional half duplex 1-to-n communication method. Use 24AWG UTP for RS485 and proper termination is required at the both termination endings or RS485 communication line.

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  • [P]PoE

    Power over Ethernet. PoE devices like cameras have different classes for different power requirements. During the initial power up, the PoE Hub and the devices negotiates and reserves the power.

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  • [E]Ethernet

    Ethernet is physical/data link in OSI model. It takes are of data link between two end points. There are different physical medium cush as UTP/CAT5 cables, or Coaxial or Fibers or WiFi.

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  • [R]RJ-45

    8 point 8 conductor connector typically used with CAT5/5e/6 UTP cable. Standard Pin out for Ethernet or PoE is specified in T568A, 802.3af.

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  • [B]Back focusing

    Only for Box cameras. When cameras are built, they are adjusted to match the lens used in it. While box cameras give you the flexibility to choose different lenses with different focal lengths, it comes at a slightly cumbersome cost, back focusing. A box camera needs to have its back focusing adjusted whenever it is paired with a new lens. You can do this in the lab before installation, or during the installation.