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IDIS Glossary


Dictionary about IDIS products description.

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  • [A]Auto Scaling

    As the camera zooms in to increase the size of objects on the monitor screen, the pan and tilt speeds are reduced so that the relative speed on the screen remains constant.

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  • [A]Auto Playback

    A feature records the sequence of movements of the camera’s PTZ for later playback allowing a set pattern to be repeated automatically.

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  • [A]Auto Pivot

    As the camera tilts through the vertical position, the camera rotates to maintain the correct orientation of the image.

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  • [A]Auto Black

    A techniques that boost video signal level to produce a full amplitude video signal, even if its scene contrast is less than full range (glare, fog, mist, etc).

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  • [A]Auto Pan

    The camera pans moves continuously between right and left with limit settings.

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  • [A]Auto Dome

    A camera with full integration, high speed, pan/tilt/zoom function built into a protective dome housing allowing full and continuous 360 degree coverage of the scene.

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  • [A]Auto Iris

    The lens iris opening is automatically adjusted to allow the correct illumination of the camera sensor.