Surveillance Solution Secures Expansion for Prestige Furnishing Brand

  • IndustryRetail/Manufacturing
  • CustomerSedar
  • RegionMiddle East and North Africa


A trusted brand with a strong
quality commitment

When upmarket fine furnishing company Sedar wanted to support its expansion strategy, it turned to IDIS for a high-performance video surveillance solution. Sedar is a leading brand in the world of fine furnishings with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

From mini-blinds to opulent drapes embellished with Swarovski crystals, Sedar’s prestige products can be found in high-profile locations across the world. With innovation and technology at its heart, the company combines stringent quality control with excellent customer care. Pursuing an ambitious growth strategy, including franchise opportunities, Sedar is extending its reach with new retail outlets due to open across the MENA region. To uphold its high standards while supporting an ambitious multinational growth strategy, it wanted a state-of-the-art security surveillance system that offered exceptional performance without placing a heavy burden on company time and resources.


Optimizing security to support
multi-site, multinational growth

With a strong commitment to quality, it was essential that any security solution would enhance Sedar’s quality commitment, brand reputation and customer experience. A scalable, cost-effective video surveillance solution was required that would enable the Sedar team to maintain a coherent approach to security across its growing enterprise.

The solution had to:
· Secure multi-site company premises, including manufacturing facilities, a 50,000m2 distribution center in Riyadh, company headquarters, eight major warehouses, 20+ showrooms and external areas including car parks
· Offer a complete security solution to new franchise operators
· Maximize staff safety in the workplace via live monitoring
· Ensure appropriate use of company resources and machinery at all times
· Manage authorized access to company premises
· Maintain compliance with best working practices and regulations.

Sedar reviewed systems from around 40 manufacturers before it found what it wanted in the IDIS DirectIP™ next generation surveillance solution.


Enterprise-wide HD and
networked video surveillance

The IDIS DirectIP solution comprised 400 IP cameras, 40 network video recorders, monitors, bundled video management software (VMS) plus switching hubs to provide full-HD and networked video surveillance across the estate.

Key features include:
· Plug and play simplicity – fast, easy set up plus an intuitive user interface to eliminate costly training, installation and integration support
· High HD performance – simultaneous multiple, full-HD live monitoring, playback and recording with superb clarity and no visible latency
· Affordable security – NVR quality plus remote diagnostics, minimal maintenance, no annual software license fees and low power consumption
· Resilience and reliability – robust recording, storage and unprecedented retrieval speeds.

Results and Benefits

Maximum protection
with minimum exposure to risk

The IDIS solution is providing a safe environment for Sedar’s employees and customers as the company grows. Centralized control maximizes live monitoring protection and ensures rapid incident response while controlling costs and minimizing exposure to risk.

Thanks the IDIS solution, Sedar is benefiting from:
· Low total cost of ownership
· Outstanding resilience, storage and retrieval of footage
· A 10% increase in staff productivity
· Fewer reports of unauthorized access to company premises
· Fewer calls to investigate potential concerns about employee behavior
· Full audit trails and complete regulatory compliance
· Unparalleled scalability to support future growth.

Imad Najjar, Sedar Marketing Manager said:
"We were immediately impressed with IDIS DirectIP™. It was user friendly, technically robust and offered everything we required – it was in a different class. Since the start, the quality of care provided by IDIS has been outstanding."