Idis Newsletters
  • Deep learning analytics and metadata revolutionize control room efficiency

    The latest iteration of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) is making security teams more efficient by dramatically reducing false positive alarms and, in turn, supporting proactive decision making and prompting faster officer interventions. It can accurately recognize incidents such as intrusion, loitering - of people and vehicles - and trespassing, all in real-time, and trigger notifications, reducing the chance of critical incidents being missed. At the same time, IDIS Instant Meta Filtering(IMF) and Person Match functionality allows users to exploit the power of metadata to speed up investigations from days and hours to minutes. IMF and Person Match can scan hours of recorded video from multiple streams, to identify relevant data. This makes it easy to search and collate footage to track a person or vehicle of interest, to reveal their movements and last-known locations.

  • Secure Campus Awards honors the 12MP Panomorph Super Fisheye

    IDIS is proud to announce that it has been honored with top ranking in the 2020 Secure Campus Awards, run by Campus Security & Life Safety magazine. The IDIS 12MP Outdoor Panomorph Fisheye camera (DC-Y8C13WRX) won the gold award in the ‘IP Camera’ category after the judges were impressed by a series of recent successful deployments at campuses, colleges, and schools globally where the camera is enabling full situational awareness that is key to rapid incident response. Judges selected the top entries based on a range of criteria from innovation, features and design through to the impact on the security industry. The camera also helps security as well as teaching staff to de-warp video in ultra HD right out to the periphery, allowing for easy and fast retrospective investigation of anti-social behavior and bullying as well as detailed analysis of health and safety risks and security treats.

  • New integrated navigation with building layouts and floorplans

    Building on the rich features within our cost- and license-free VMS, IDIS Center, we have added IDIS Center MapVue, which is an easy-to-use search function that speeds operator navigation across building layouts and floor plans. Its intuitive interface helps users to playback video streams across multi-camera systems, while maintaining an overview perspective of their site layouts and camera positions. MapVue also provides easy bookmarking, allowing operators to search the recorded data for persons and activity of interest. Bookmarked footage can then be saved in an Excel file, creating a simple library of video clips.

  • Managing closed and partially closed sites

    In this month’s blog Jamie Barnfield, Sales Director at IDIS Europe, looks at the evolving challenges of managing closed and partially operational facilities during the coronavirus lockdown. Jamie provides practical advice to heads of security and loss prevention managers on how to use the existing tools and features available through their video management software (VMS). He writes how these often-underused functions together with edge and deep learning analytics can support the safety of lone workers, preservation of property and assets, as well as, increase the efficiency of remote working and guard patrols.

  • Online training, tech, and marketing support

    As more of us work from home or need to self-isolate, the IDIS Partner Portal gives you access to online and in-depth training and certification, including e-learning modules for IDIS DirectIP®, IDIS Center and IDIS Solution Suite VMS as well as our analog range, IDIS DirectCX®. The modules are designed specifically for engineers, project managers and technical consultants. You will also find a tech support knowledge bank, design tools plus an array of marketing assets to support your sales activities. If you don’t already have a login to the partner portal or e-learning modules then call our local technical support department or email us at

  • Courtyard by Marriott hotel prepares for opening with IDIS cybersecure video tech

    With the new Courtyard by Marriott close to London’s Luton airport due to open in a matter of months, it needed a cybersecure yet fast to install and easy to maintain surveillance solution. After a thorough evaluation of surveillance technology, the specialist integrator handling the project, DGS Systems, soon realized the benefits of IDIS DirectIP®, understanding that true play-and-play would speed up deployment and minimize maintenance burdens. At the same time, the mutual authentication of devices eliminated the need for manual passwords and the IDIS multi-pronged approach to multi-factor access, encryption technology together with the company’s own proprietary technology provided further assurance of cybersecure video surveillance. The IDIS solution, comprising nearly 100 cameras, was completed ahead of schedule – in time to catch a gang of opportunist thieves. The IDIS IR dome cameras provided video evidence that was key to a successful investigation providing the police forensic evidence video in vivid full-HD in all lighting conditions.

  • How Homeworkers Can Socially Distance from Cyber Hacks

    Jason Burrows, Western US Regional Sales Director for IDIS America writes how the unprecedented amounts of people working from home has coincided with an increase in cybercriminals looking to exploit the coronavirus crisis. With organizations already under pressure, malware and ransomware could have further devastating impacts on business continuity and financial repercussions. In this blog, Jason provides advice on the importance of updating remote working polices, vetting BYOD (bring your own devices), choosing secure VPN solutions, and looking for collaboration tools that use end-to-end encryption. He also gives homeworkers best practice advance on sharing sensitive data and some top tips on how to spot phishing scams, fake adverts, as well as, bogus SMS and WhatsApp messages.