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Delivering the future of guarding
through technology and expertise

The emergence of high-tech virtual guarding as a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional manned patrol approaches is a direct realization of the promise seen in the industry’s most innovative and high-performing technology. Currently, emergent leaders in the virtual guarding space are those who successfully leverage guarding and security expertise and match it with the right technology to move beyond mere “remote monitoring” to true, comprehensive virtual guarding.

The Arizona-based Surveillance Acquisition Response Center (SARC) has quickly staked out a place of leadership in the virtual guarding space—with its exclusive use of highly-trained security professionals with extensive law enforcement, military, and security technology background as operators—to deliver a pro-active guarding solution that leverages critical expertise and carefully cultivated relationships with clients and local law enforcement. This provides a second-to-none virtual guarding experience with an unsurpassed track record. When SARC needed a technology standard to power their virtual guard operations, they turned to IDIS for technology that is as powerful, reliable, and innovative as SARC itself.


Next-generation security requires
next-generation technology

In the constantly evolving and progressing security market, it,s essential to deliver solutions that deliver a wide range of customizable options for solutions of any size, scope, or circumstance, while also keeping both the installation and user experience streamlined and simple for installers and operators. When selecting a technology standard for their virtual guarding operations, SARC needed simple IP configuration, while maintaining third party IPC support, to accommodate installers who had grown accustomed to analog installation methodologies. Maximizing flexibility to cater to each of their client’s needs was also a priority and any solution had to have surveillance components that were scalable, ONVIF® compliant, and were compatible with a wide range of third party products in order to build off of existing analog installations while still reaping the benefits of HD quality. Finding highest quality solutions with low maintenance requirements and no licensing fees—and resulting lower total cost of ownership for end users—was another requirement for SARC.



IDIS technology as a flexible and
powerful force multiplier

IDIS technology proved a perfect match for SARC. DirectIP™ is an optimized HD surveillance platform based on an IP framework consisting of a complete range of IP cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), network equipment, and client software, all offered as a complete package or available as individual, optimized components. The simple plug-and-play functionality and automatic network detection of DirectIP made the entire surveillance system quick and easy to set up for SARC’s installer partners, and centralized functionality allowed every IP camera to be installed without the need for individual configuration. The IDIS “future proof” guarantee further met SARC’s needs by guaranteeing backwards compatibility with future IDIS surveillance components, eliminating security vulnerabilities that come with hiccups in future system upgrades.

The powerful video management software (VMS) options offered by IDIS also allowed SARC to provide its clients with a flexible and cost effective surveillance virtual guarding solution. IDIS Center is a completely license-free VMS, with no upgrade charges or annual fees, and, for more specific or complicated requirements, IDIS Solution Suite provided a powerful modular functionality, affordably customizable to any user need. Near identical user interfaces between IDIS Center, IDIS Solution Suite, and IDIS Mobile simplified the user experience and reduced training requirements for SARC’s operators, allowing more time for a laser focus on client needs and not wrangling technology.


Results and Benefits

Industry-leading surveillance technology
that delivers for operators and clients alike

Partnering with IDIS allows SARC to effectively meet the needs of their clients, decreasing costs while increasing reliability, functionality, and their own operators’ positive user experience. IDIS technology offers a level of simplicity and ease of use that has reduced installation times, decreased training requirements for clients and SARC operators alike, and helped make SARC’s security solutions for clients more affordable over the long term. The uncomplicated, intuitive nature of IDIS technology better allows SARC operators to focus wholly on delivering world-class virtual guarding to their clients.

" IDIS understands that each end user is unique and they design the user interface of their applications in a way that just makes sense to use. The applications team at IDIS understands the concept of how important true UX [user experience] is and they apply it to their entire product lineup. IDIS Center and IDIS Solution Suite are so intuitive that we haven‘t had a single client contact us after their initial training for technical support. "
San Kim
Director of Operations, SARC Monitoring