IDIS Provides Modern, Innovative Security for State-of-the-Art Mixed-Use Commercial Development

  • IndustryCommercial
  • CustomerHayden Ferry Lakeside
  • RegionTempe, Arizona, USA
  • IDIS PartnersICU and SARC


A property designed for its fast-growing,
next-generation environment

Rising from the banks of Tempe Town Lake on Arizona’s Salt River like the sapphire twin of the Emerald City, Hayden Ferry Lakeside gleams in the region’s perpetual sunlight. Strikingly expansive and modern, the property stands as a testament to the art of the possible next-generation commercial development. A 43-acre, master-planned, mixed-use project in downtown Tempe, Hayden Ferry Lakeside boasts 1.6 million sq. feet of sophisticated, high-tech workspaces, residences, retail space, and parking garages, as well as two restaurants, a fitness center, and open gathering spaces.

Purpose-built for the daily rhythms of one of the nation’s most forward-thinking and fastest growing population centers, Hayden Ferry Lakeside serves the whole of the greater Phoenix region as a parking, retail/restaurant, and outdoor gathering space for those working in or visiting downtown Tempe, the Tempe Beach Park event space, or nearby Arizona State University. With more than 300,000 people found within a five mile radius of the development, Hayden Ferry Lakeside has already become one of Tempe’s modern icons.


Securing a vibrant and exciting
community center

Hayden Ferry Lakeside represents both the promise and challenges inherent in modern, mixed-use development. Unlike traditional office environments, the property mixes private and closed elements with open retail and restaurant options, public gathering spaces, and parking for affiliates of the area’s many businesses, schools, and events. This greatly expands the number of daily visitors to the property beyond a regular residential community—with easily predicted schedules and patterns—requiring heightened and dynamic security operations.

The property’s proximity to the Tempe Beach Park event space and Arizona State University campus means frequent surges of visitors outside of traditional business hours, including concentrated arrivals and departures of large crowds. Event-related excitement and the occasional presence of alcohol can contribute to the unpredictability of the security challenge. Further, the picturesque nature of the property, and availability of secluded areas in an otherwise bustling downtown, draws visitors day and night, with any number of intentions..


A powerfully integrated, modern
security solution

Hayden Ferry Lakeside has maintained a steadfast commitment to keeping the property as safe and secure as it is vibrant and energetic. The security of the development continues to be a powerful compliment to its striking aesthetics and innovative design. To achieve this, Hayden Ferry Lakeside partnered with Scottsdale-based systems integrator, ICU, and proactive video monitoring service provider, Surveillance Acquisition Response Center (SARC), to craft a comprehensive security solution as modern and forward-thinking as the property and community itself. The resulting solution fully empowers and extends the reach of the property’s talented and highly trained team of security professionals by providing them with the tools and resources to fully safeguard the property 24/7.

ICU crafted a comprehensive next-generation total surveillance solution, mixing state of the art surveillance technology with after-hours virtual guarding support from SARC to address the full complement of Hayden Ferry Lakeside’s security needs. Powering this solution is a network of next-generation IDIS cameras (including multiple deployments of award-winning IDIS 5MP 360° Super Fisheye technology), DirectIP™ network video recorders (NVRs), and IDIS Center and IDIS Mobile software. Utilized both by on-site security teams and off-site virtual guards, IDIS technology helps identify and, whenever possible, deter those who might engage in harmful activity. The solution further provides protection of the property’s tenants, employees, visitors, and their property through the monitoring of overall site safety and security, enabling detailed documentation of incidents and events.

Results and Benefits

Managing a dynamic environment with
dynamic security

The installation of a comprehensive security and surveillance solution—cameras, NVRs, and software powered by IDIS DirectIP total surveillance technology—has already resulted in substantial benefits for the management and security team at Hayden Ferry Lakeside. 24/7, the on-site and virtual guarding teams identify, deter, and document potential and realized threats to the property using innovative surveillance options, including high-quality remote viewing via IDIS Mobile and ICU partner SARC‘s remote “voice down” virtual guarding protocol, which informs those under surveillance that they are being watched and should leave the property immediately.

Since ICU’s comprehensive solution, powered by IDIS, went live, Hayden Ferry Lakeside has increased situational awareness, extended the reach and capabilities of its talented security team, and successfully mitigated incidents (or would-be incidents) of trespass, vandalism, improper behavior, and other issues of concern. The ability to do so and document incidents to the highest degree of detail has resulted in improved safety and security of tenants, visitors, and their property.

" The right technology can make an already great security team and environment even better, and IDIS proves that. At Hayden Ferry Lakeside, we have only the highest standards for serving our tenants and visitors and that ranges from workspaces to aesthetics to security. With this technology, we are able to identify potential threats more easily and respond quicker than ever before, and that’s essential to meeting our own high standards of performance. "

Tim Redding
Senior Building Engineer, Hayden Ferry Lakeside