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IDIS Delivers Modern, Comprehensive Security for Premier Social and Leisure Environment

  • IndustryLeisure
  • CustomerThe Country Club at DC Ranch
  • RegionNorth Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • IDIS PartnersICU and SARC


An environment that defines quality time
and experiences

The Country Club at DC Ranch is a unique gem in the Arizona desert. Both exclusive and inviting, the warm environment facilitates quality social and recreation experiences for members. Amidst the stunning natural beauty of the McDowell Mountain Range, couples, families, and professionals enjoy meticulously designed and landscaped facilities—once a desert camp cattle ranch—facilitating a premier lifestyle and leisure experience for all members.

With every detail considered and a staff dedicated to the seamless service of all member needs, The Country Club at DC Ranch is the area’s preferred destination for golf, fitness, swimming, exceptional dining, and social experiences with family, friends, and business associates in an environment as safe and secure as it is relaxing.



Safety and security held to only
the highest standards

The key to maintaining an environment of warmth and relaxation is the seamless maintenance of a safe and secure environment for all. The Country Club at DC Ranch hosts not only its members and their guests, but a number of the region’s most exclusive private engagements. Additionally, permanent staff are joined each day by vendors and technicians, each central to keeping operations running smoothly from the central clubhouse, gathering spaces, and throughout the property, including swimming areas, tennis courts, and work zones.

The Country Club at DC Ranch’s status as a premier destination for social and leisure pursuits creates a need for security that is as comprehensive as it is discreet. Members come to The Country Club at DC Ranch to relax and socialize, and they expect to do so without cumbersome or oppressive security operations affecting their experience. Additionally, the wide variety of spaces—some open or closed, variously lit, and designed for different purposes—required a fully adaptable security solution, one able to provide equally thorough security—like identifying and preventing potential unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft—no matter the layout or purpose of the space and at any time of day or night.


A discreet, powerful, and forward-thinking
security solution

World-class quality is a signature of The Country Club at DC Ranch and no less was expected of the club’s security solution. Scottsdale-based systems integrator, ICU, partnered with IDIS and proactive video monitoring service provider, Surveillance Acquisition Response Center (SARC), to craft a flexible, scalable, and adaptable security solution that utilized latest-generation surveillance technology and innovative 24/7 virtual guarding. The solution provides discreet, powerful security tools to the club’s security team, extending their capabilities through technology and highly trained human resources, even after hours.

ICU’s comprehensive next-generation total surveillance solution addresses all of The Country Club at DC Ranch’s unique needs, from typical retail protection operations to large-area surveillance, to ensure the safety and security of members, guests, and staff. Powering this solution is a network of next-generation IDIS cameras, DirectIP™ network video recorders (NVRs), and IDIS video management software. Leveraged by both on-site security and off-site virtual guards, IDIS technology provides protection of people and property through the detailed monitoring of relevant site operations.

Results and Benefits

Safety, security, and peace of mind

ICU and SARC’s design and installation of a comprehensive security and surveillance solution—cameras, NVRs, and software powered by IDIS DirectIP total surveillance technology—has already resulted in an improved safety and security environment for the members and staff of The Country Club at DC Ranch.

24/7 on-site security and virtual guards pro-actively identify, deter, and document threats and emergencies, leveraging comprehensive video surveillance and remote “voice down” virtual guarding protocols from SARC. These virtual guarding protocols can authoritatively inform potential violators that they are under surveillance and should cease security violations immediately or, during an emergency, can assure those in need that assistance is on the way. SARC further documents all incidents and can communicate directly with first responders to maximize safety and security.

Since the installation of the IDIS solution and start of SARC virtual guarding, The Country Club at DC Ranch has increased situational awareness, multiplied the reach of the existing security staff, and successfully deterred or mitigated potential incidents of trespass, vandalism, or theft, resulting in increased member, staff, and guest safety and security.

" There is nothing more important to the management and staff of The Country Club at DC Ranch than the experience of our members and their guests. Using next-generation technology from IDIS to seamlessly integrate our security operations and extend the capability of our security team improves safety and security without compromising our members’ enjoyment and experience of all The Club has to offer. We maintain high standards for ourselves and all we offer here, and we are happy to have comprehensive security solution providers that do the same. "

Kurt Gonzales
Site Director, The Country Club at DC Ranch