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IDIS Technology Delivers Advanced Security for Popular Soccer Franchise and Historic Stadium

  • IndustryPublic Safety
  • CustomerClub Alianza Lima
  • RegionLima, Peru
  • IDIS PartnersBTCO and Segurimax


A stadium as legendary as the team it hosts

The Alianza Lima soccer club, based in Lima, Peru, is one of the most storied soccer teams in South America. As the oldest soccer club in the Peruvian First Division with over 115 years of history, Alianza Lima has been home to many internationally recognized players, including the namesake of the club’s current stadium, famous striker Alejando Villanueva. The club is among the most successful teams in Peru, with a total of 23 League titles, and boasts the largest fan base of any soccer club in the country.

The Alianza Lima stadium, Estadio Alejandro Villanueva or more commonly referred to as “Matute„ after its surrounding neighborhood, was constructed in 1974 and has a total capacity of 35,000 spectators. With four towers of artificial lighting, the main playing field, a complex for smaller divisions of the club, and training facilities, the Matute is undeniably one of the most impressive structures in Lima, but its security system was woefully outdated.


A modern solution for a historic site

The Matute not only hosts soccer fans from across Peru, it also serves as a destination for global soccer matches and plays host to other non-sporting events, such as music concerts. As Alianza Lima continued to grow in popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s, so too did concerns over the outdated security configuration employed by the stadium.

To provide sports fans and concert goers with peace of mind, Alianza Lima began planning a security system overhaul to replace their outmoded analog system of only 16 cameras across the entire facility. Given the past difficulties stadium security staff experienced and the scope of the upgrade, it was essential to the Matute that the new video system be intuitive to use, have low maintenance requirements, and be easily scalable for any future upgrades.


Next generation technology driving unparalleled security

Security industry business partners BTCO and Segurimax leveraged technology from high-performance and cost-effective IDIS DirectIP™ solutions and facial recognition technology from Herta Security, an IDIS technology partner, to meet the needs of the Matute.

The new solution comprises 50 IP cameras (eight of them with cutting edge IDIS 4K resolution), powerful IDIS H.265 network video recorders (NVRs) to save network bandwidth and storage space, and is bundled with the IDIS Solution Suite video management software (VMS) to seamlessly and intuitively manage the security of the entire installation without the need of a PC. Additionally, three of the IDIS cameras are equipped with state of the art Herta Security facial recognition analytics, which allows system operators to identify suspects registered in criminal databases.

Results and Benefits

A safer and more secure place to work and play

In partnership with BTCO, Segurimax, and Herta Security, IDIS technology has advanced security at the Matute decades beyond its previous configuration. The Full HD and 4K video resolution has empowered stadium security staff to more effectively identify problems throughout the facility before they escalate, and the powerful and intuitive IDIS Solution Suite VMS allows them to operate the system more fluidly than ever before.

The Alianza Lima soccer club expects to dramatically reduce vandalism and violent altercations both inside and outside the stadium thanks to the agile capabilities provided by IDIS technology. This increase in security will result in both an increase in stadium event attendance and will make the soccer club a more attractive partner for revenue-generating sponsorships.

" We are very proud of the opening of our new control center with 50 IDIS security cameras and Full HD and 4K technology that we have installed in the stadium, and we are excited to implement the facial recognition software provided by Herta Security. This is the new control center that the Club deserves, and all Peruvian stadiums should consider similar upgrades. All stadiums should implement these modern security solutions to ensure the safety of our customers. With this upgrade, we are taking a big technological step in Alianza Lima and hope to set a positive example for the entire athletics industry. "

Henri Lemmers
Senior Assistant Facility Manager, Dar