World-Class Surveillance for the World’s Premier Security Provider

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One of the largest privately-owned security companies in the world

GardaWorld’s cash handling business is North America’s largest, with its ubiquitous red and white trucks easily spotted throughout Canada and the United States. At hundreds of facilities and handling centers, GardaWorld processes currency for an entire continent, monitored by complex video surveillance technologies, working together to ensure the integrity of their processes and operations.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, GardaWorld provides business solutions and security services. With over 62,000 staff globally, GardaWorld is one of the largest privately-owned security companies in the world, protecting people, assets, and reputations on a daily basis, performing critical tasks to protect and secure in an increasingly chaotic world. When the time came to upgrade existing video surveillance operations for the company’s cash handling business as well as installations for the company’s newest sites, the task was complex with unique requirements and a massive scale spanning two countries. IDIS technology, known for its power, flexibility, modularity, and low total cost of ownership, stood ready to meet the company’s needs.


World-class security requiring
world-class performance

GardaWorld’s exceptional footprint and storied legacy in North America meant there was a highly varied set of conditions and requirements for optimizing video surveillance operations. With a mix of existing analog and digital surveillance in existing facilities and requirements for initial installations in newer facilities, GardaWorld articulated complex security needs for more than 250 individual sites throughout Canada and the United States, each requiring high quality video surveillance and networking with a mix of analog and digital technology.

Within individual facilities, existing video surveillance reflected a substantial level of upgrade complexity. The number of cameras at each site varied, with additional variances in age and operations for prior installations. Due to the nature of GardaWorld’s operations, it was imperative that no interruption of security monitoring would occur during the transition to IDIS technology. Further, the rollout of IDIS technology required training for operators and monitors of surveillance equipment at various locations, a potential challenge given the scale of the rollout and upgrades.


Industry-leading surveillance with the power and flexibility to meet all requirements

Upgrading the legacy GardaWorld video surveillance solution across their 250+ sites required the installation of over 700 IDIS cameras and the establishment of two major central monitoring facilities. The inter-compatibility inherent in the IDIS Total Solution allowed the powerful and intuitive video management software (VMS) solutions IDIS DirectCX and IDIS Solution Suite to harmonize at GardaWorld central monitoring facilities. DirectCX TVRs were installed at legacy sites to ensure zero downtime for GardaWorld’s video surveillance capabilities, and IDIS DirectIP™ network video recorders (NVRs) were incorporated rapidly thanks to their ease and speed of installation and configuration.

The IDIS solution for GardaWorld was not only rapidly deployed thanks to the simplicity of DirectIP and IDIS VMS; the modernized monitoring system also comes with a low total cost of ownership due to a reduction of cabling cost thanks to IDIS DirectCX TVRs, the lack of any annual service management agreement or licensing fees for IDIS VMS, and less training time required from the single remote application used for managing each device on the system.

" IDIS meets our high standards and more with a surveillance offering that is as committed to our security requirements as we are. IDIS technology delivers powerful features and capabilities in a variety of ways that meet needs as diverse as our differing locations and custom requirements. Whether analog or IP networked solutions, new installations or upgrades, or at urban or remote sites, IDIS solutions have proven flexible, scalable, and customizable to deliver the appropriate technology in the ideal way for each requirement. We are pleased with the partnership we have created with IDIS over the past year and look forward to the continued benefit we’ll receive from current and planned installations of IDIS technology. "

Guy Côté
Vice President and Chief Security Officer, GardaWorld


Results and Benefits

Powerful, scalable security for the world’s privately-owned security leader

The ability of the powerfully modular and customizable IDIS Total Solution were an ideal fit for GardaWorld’s security needs, delivering benefits from the start, and are still ongoing, of the installation. GardaWorld benefitted from worry free integration of existing technologies and the installation of a flexible, customized solution that blended analog HD-TVI technology with next-generation IP networked surveillance, as appropriate to each site, linked and managed by the powerful and highly customizable IDIS Solution Suite VMS. The installation met GardaWorld’s requirements for seamless upgrade and technology handover, minimizing downtime and supporting the critical nature of GardaWorld’s operations.

GardaWorld facilities now benefit from modernized, functionallyrich cameras and recording devices that deliver clearer and smoother surveillance and hasten an operator‘s ability to identify and mitigate potential incidents and fully review and respond to questions about operational security. The seamless integration under IDIS’s powerful connectivity and simplified installation and use has reduced training time for GardaWorld staff and eliminated the most common headaches associated with mass upgrades and new installations of security technology. Better surveillance and security operations for GardaWorld pass through to a more secure position for GardaWorld staff and customer assets around the world, further confirming GardaWorld’s place as a market and innovation leader in the security space.

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