IDIS Delivers Comprehensive Multi-City Surveillance for Popular Insurance Provider

  • IndustryCommercial
  • CustomerLa Familia Insurance
  • RegionTexas, USA
  • IDIS PartnerKratos Defense & Security Solutions


Multiple sites with varied security challenges

La Familia Insurance is a rapidly expanding insurance provider, offering auto, home, renters, and commercial insurance in the state of Texas. Serving customers in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metropolitan areas, the independent insurance agency focuses on providing affordable and comprehensive insurance services to local families.

With over 40 locations across Texas, La Familia is both well-established and growing, with recent expansions into the greater San Antonio region and the opening of multiple new locations in 2016. With recent expansions, however, came new security challenges. After first experiencing inadequate results from lowest-price video surveillance options, La Familia turned to IDIS and integrator Kratos Defense & Security Solutions for a total surveillance solution that was able to both meet their budget requirements and provide top-of-the-line quality.


Powerful, versatile surveillance needed to meet security requirements

Given the high number of La Familia office locations across the state of Texas, the ability to monitor each office from a central location was a primary requirement for the business’ new video surveillance solution. The continuing and rapid expansion of La Familia also presented a specific challenge, as any video management software (VMS) would need to be both backwards compatible and scalable to account for additional offices opening in 2017 and the years to come.

La Familia also needed video surveillance cameras capable of capturing wide angle views both in broad daylight and in the darkest of night. With many offices located in densely populated urban centers, nightly security became a pressing concern for these locations, which suffered from frequent break-ins. La Familia needed cameras capable of capturing evidence regardless of lighting conditions and to act as a deterrent for future would-be vandals or thieves.


End-to-end, centralized next-generation technology to meet every need

IDIS partnered with integrator Kratos to equip La Familia with an end-to-end total solution to meet both their hardware and software requirements. The initial installations covered five office locations in San Antonio, with 20 in progress throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis, and consisted of 10+ network video recorders (NVRs) and 75+ cameras, including more than 10 IDIS 5MP Super Fisheye Cameras, which provide 360-degree panoramic surveillance across 64 individual views with independent ePTZ functionality. The high-performance Fisheye cameras solve both exterior and interior surveillance challenges, with day and night (ICR) functionality delivering clear subject images regardless of lighting conditions. With 5MP high resolution images, the IDIS Super Fisheye is also capable of identifying currency denominations during transactions at La Familia offices, providing additional oversight and peace of mind.

The IDIS Total Solution also included IDIS Center, a full-featured and license-free VMS with all the functionality of a traditional VMS and none of the burdensome costs. The low total cost of ownership of the entire IDIS solution allowed La Familia to maximize their surveillance hardware capabilities and ensure hassle-free security across their multiple locations.

Results and Benefits

Comprehensive surveillance keeping locations secure and customers safe

Together with Kratos, IDIS technology has significantly improved La Familia’s surveillance capabilities over its previous configuration. No longer saddled with the poor uptime, low bandwidth, and unreliability of their previous bargain brand provider, the growing company is now able to monitor their multiple locations with top quality cameras and the intuitive, user-friendly IDIS Center, all at a low total cost of ownership.

La Familia expects the new capabilities of the IDIS surveillance solution to reduce instances of attempted robbery at all of their office locations and to help more effectively apprehend and prosecute perpetrators, providing both employees and customers with greater peace of mind.

" La Familia Insurance was thrilled by the personal touch delivered by IDIS and Kratos, and our security personnel are already impressed with how intuitive IDIS technology has proven, both during installation and operation. IDIS Center is much more robust than our previous options and provides a staggering level of operability and features for absolutely no additional cost. We’re very pleased that our employees and the families we serve can now enjoy greater peace of mind and security at our locations thanks to IDIS. "

Aly Manji
Chief Technology Officer, La Familia Insurance