Dutch automotive distributor changes gear with IDIS DirectIP™

  • IndustryAutomotive
  • CustomerLouwman & Parqui
  • RegionThe Netherlands
  • IDIS PartnersOoperon


The Dutch automotive importer of Toyota and Lexus

Located in Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands, Louwman & Parqui headquarters reside on a 30-hectare site just off the A27 and include the showroom “De Koepel,” a striking landmark designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller that showcases all the latest Toyota and Lexus models and incorporates offices where staff are responsible for all marketing and sales across the Netherlands.

In addition, the site features a museum, Louwman‘s Toyota World, as well as workshops responsible for the maintenance of classic cars, the Louwman College and a logistics centre. Further, visitors to Louwman & Parqui are treated to an extraordinary sight of three camels that reside next to the car parks.


Reliable and intuitive surveillance

In the summer of 2016, Rochus Schoorl, Louwman & Parqui’s Facilities Manager, realised that the incumbent surveillance system was outdated and no longer fit for purpose. There was limited backup capability, image resolution was poor and retrieval of footage was slow and complicated. Schoorl reached out to several respected Dutch security systems integrators to find a system that was both reliable and intuitive—one that would give him the high-performance functionality he needed to effectively and efficiently secure the Raamsdonksveer site.


A tailored and efficient integrated security solution

System integrator, Ooperon, had already provided all aspects of access control at Louwman & Parqui, and based on the company’s expertise in both electronic and manned security and a truly partnership approach, Schoorl chose Ooperon for the surveillance upgrade. Other integrators proposed a mix of analogue and IP surveillance, while Ooperon offered a completely integrated security solution and an immediate migration to IDIS DirectIP that would prove both cost effective and simple to operate.

The entire aging CCTV was completely replaced and integrated into Louwman & Parqui’s existing infrastructure and features a mix of IDIS Full-HD internal and external cameras with additional surveillance points added on the advice of Ooperon so that the entire facility is now strategically equipped with cameras. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is also integrated into the system enabling reception staff to verify visitors and allow them access to the site. High quality images are providing high performance and user-friendly monitoring with no visible latency even from mobile phones via the IDIS Mobile app.

Ronald van Loon, Ooperon and Rochus Schoorl, Louwman & Parqui

Results and Benefits

Reliable, future-proof and scalable surveillance

Integrated into existing infrastructure has proven cost effective, while the IDIS Total Solution that Ooperon have installed is realising significant efficiencies by streamlining previously complicated, slow and manual tasks. The simple user interface makes retrieval of footage quick and easy, while IDIS NVRs provide the necessary storage and IDIS SmartFailover gives Louwman & Parqui the redundancy they were looking for.

" We are incredibly satisfied with the IDIS solution that Ooperon has delivered. It has met with all our requirements and much more. The IDIS Mobile app has proved incredibly powerful and convenient when I’m away from the office. I can check whether lights are turned off in the evening or if a gate or door is left open and notify a guard immediately.

The solution also offers us the future-proof scalability we were looking for to eliminate any future need to rip and replace and allows us to add further cameras and integrate other technologies as required. And, of course, the IDIS solution allows us regularly monitor “our ladies,” the camels that live here on the site."

Rochus Schoorl
Facilities Manager, Louwman & Parqui

"IDIS provided us with world-class local support, answering any technical questions and providing advice quickly and efficiently from initial engagement on the project through to commissioning and handover. We believe that the time from quotation request and a technical proposal should be as short as possible. Working with a manufacturer with excellent technical know-how adds extra value. The IDIS Netherlands team were on hand to attend site visits and offered expert advice to ensure we optimised the solution by choosing the right mix of IDIS technology and guaranteed the shortest possible installation time to minimise any impact on Louwman & Parqui’s operations."

Ronald van Loon
Director, Ooperon