Famous fashion house updates its logistics wardrobe with IDIS Smart UX surveillance

  • IndustryLogistics
  • CustomerFamous Fashion House
  • RegionUnited Kingdom
  • IDIS PartnersRukey Solutions


Securing the supply chain

Renowned worldwide for its classic couture, fragrances and cosmetics this company has been a leading brand in fashion and cosmetics for decades. Selling its luxury goods worldwide through more than 120 boutiques, and specialty outlets, as well as online. The UK retail sector is a major market for the company. Positioned at the top end of the luxury segment, perfume and cosmetics sales account for significant share of sales in the UK.

Rukey Solutions, a forward-thinking London-based security systems integrator had been attending the fashion brand’s Croydon logistics site, responding to call outs and ultimately securing assets by repairing the legacy CCTV system for several years. The Rukey team had an astute ability for understanding the fashions house’s logistical needs and regularly offered technical suggestions on how the existing security system could be improved.

In January 2017, when the a geing CCTV infrastructure began to experience major hardware failures, which threatened to compromise the security and safety of the supply chain premises, Rukey Solutions was approached by to discuss viable upgrade options.


Safeguarding high-value luxury goods

Safeguarding the supply chain stock of high-value stock is paramount and Rukey Solutions and the logistics security team discussed at length what component parts of the legacy security system were failing and compromising stock safety. Rukey provided a clear and concise vision of what could be achieved to restore the ageing system to a workable state and ultimately safeguard stock. Following this Rukey Solutions was given the go ahead by to install specific components to restore functionality to the existing CCTV system.

However, the security manager at Croydon had believed for some time that the legacy system lacked user functionality, with limited features on offer to review footage of incidents, which made investigations laborious and time consuming. Rukey discussed at length the features the logistics centre required to ensure timely review of incidents such as smart searches, zoom facilities, video pop-ups, object searches and greater storage capacity as well as greater image resolution and suggested a migration from analogue to full HD.

Understanding these requirements, Rukey suggested a visit to the IDIS European HQ in London to view the various types of IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) available. IDIS provided a customer focussed hands-on experience, using the suite of solutions and demonstrated the many features IDIS had to offer, as well as giving the logistics security team the opportunity to speak with the IDIS technical team to answer any queries.


Seamless Smart UX surveillance

As part of the transition from a legacy CCTV to a smart surveillance system Rukey designed a hybrid solution customised around a core base platform with new IDIS equipment and cameras. This solution neatly combines analogue and IP technologies, managed seamlessly through IDIS Center™ video management software. A mix of approximately 100 new IDIS cameras were integrated, including DirectIP™ and HD TVI DirectCX models.

The solution also includes fish-eye cameras with Smart UX Controls software developed by IDIS to provide unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Featuring intuitive ‘Slingshot’ and ‘Rubberband’ style controls, these features allow the security team to easily follow moving objects in real-time with groundbreaking accuracy. Simple click-and-drag actions enable operators to quickly focus targets and track objects. With silky-smooth PTZ control and rapid response speeds with no latency, this highly effective tool is invaluable for monitoring the movement of individual items, ensuring a hassle-free experience for operators and the ability to respond rapidly to an incident or threat or unauthorised movement of stock.

Results and Benefits

24/7 visibility and efficiency assured

The logistics centre team at Croydon has now been using the IDIS solution for over four months and they are delighted with their strategy to choose Rukey Solutions as their security partner and IDIS as their manufacturer of choice. The IDIS solution is robust, efficient, and reliable and has revolutionised the way the security team carry out investigations. The 24/7 support provided by Rukey complimented by the IDIS technical team has been second to none. The fashion house has now decided to strategize this surveillance solution, as standard, based on the Rukey and IDIS partnership and will soon be rolling out similar solutions in their London-based boutiques.

" With the introduction of innovative IDIS cameras and software, Rukey Solutions has been extremely effective in overcoming our challenges. It has exceeded expectations and restored our trust in surveillance to safeguard the fashion house’s valuable goods. Furthermore, it gives us the futureproof capability we need to continuously strengthen our security requirements as they evolve. "

Graham Gibbs
Security Manager Retail & Operations, Croydon Logistics Ltd