IDIS ensures fraud prevention for institutional automotive exams

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  • CustomerIBKI
  • RegionThe Netherlands
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Certifying motor vehicle operating standards in the Netherlands

IBKI is the leading examination and certification institute for automotive exams in the Netherlands, examining instructors and mechanics at its respected Innovam knowledge and training institute. Every year more than 50,000 candidates are tested for both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. IBKI is constantly innovating to improve the quality of its examination services and because of the importance of its work, IBKI has to comply with strict statutory requirements and is accountable to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.


Ensuring the integrity of automotive exams

Fraud is a very real threat to the credibility of exam-based qualifications worldwide, with suspicions of exam cheating being increasingly reported. Dennis Dubbers, IBKI’sTeam Leader Execution Examinations, wanted to be proactive in addressing this risk, looking for potential weak spots and ensuring that opportunities for fraud did not arise at the Innovam institute. After assessing best practice at various exam centres he asked project leader Lennart ter Beek to work with integrator Hoppenbrouwers Techniek to upgrade surveillance Innovam’s facilities.


A custom designed exam room and surveillance system

A mix of IDIS IP cameras, including the IDIS 5MP Super Fisheye, were selected by Lennart ter Beek, working in consultation with Arno Tollens, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek’s project coordinator. For many years Hoppenbrouwers Techniek has been IBKI’s trusted partner for both site electrical services and mechanical engineering. As part of the equipment selection process IBKI was given a comprehensive, live demonstration of the IDIS Total Solution.

“During the demonstration at the IDIS office, the userfriendliness of the system was striking,” says Dennis Dubbers. “For IBKI this was very important, because the system will be used by more than 100 different people in a typical year.”

Following the demonstration, it was agreed that the examination rooms would be custom-fitted with new furniture and multiple screens, one on each wall, allowing easier explanations to be given by exam supervisors.

Each exam desk is now fitted with a camera and, in addition, the high performance 5MP IDIS Super Fisheye provides a total room overview plus the ability to zoom for crystal-sharp viewing during live monitoring.

Results and Benefits

Fraud prevention in a friendly environment

Supervisors can now view the high quality IDIS images live from their desk in the exam room, with Smart UX Controls providing an enhanced user experience. Different authority levels can be easily set for different users, ensuring that IBKI meets its legal requirements. Plus, the team reports that the new exam rooms also feel a lot friendlier. The IBKI team have also found the IDIS equipment represents great value for money, being easy to install, license-free and forward/backward compatible.

" We are extremely pleased with the upgrade and the IDIS technology. It works just as expected. Working with the Hoppenbrouwers Techniek team was a pleasure and we always get the best advice from them and they provided us with a solution that simply works. The new IDIS system will ensure that we keep ahead of fraud risks and continue to deliver automotive examination at the high standards expected of us. "

Dennis Dubbers
IBKI’s Team Leader, Execution Examinat