IDIS end-to-end video solution provides foundation for 24/7 security monitoring at multi-tenanted office

  • IndustryCommercial
  • CustomerCorporate law firm
  • RegionUK
  • IDIS PartnersGaleco Communications


Respected law firm and landlord undertakes refurbishment of multi-tenanted offices

A long-established UK law firm, based close to London and what is known as the UK’s IT corridor, provides specialist legal advice across a wide range of practice areas. The firm is also the landlord for a multi-used building in a busy town centre that, as well as housing their own offices, It is home to several other businesses, including a media hub owned by a global tech brand. But the premises, including its aging security systems, needed a major overhaul.


IDIS technology identified as the best option

With plans to modernise entire building, the law firm selected a top name London-based workspace design company for the office fit-out. The three floors sub-let
by the tech brand would also be refurbished,
but by a separate contractor.

Due to the confidential nature of the legal records stored at the offices, robust physical security and cybersecurity are essential. Galeco Communications already had good relationships with the customer, having provided the law firm with security systems and monitoring services for over a decade. They had also worked with the fit-out company on various major projects.

Now Galeco engineers were asked to collaborate with the two other contractors, coordinating with a twin-track refurbishment programme with two separate schedules. They were tasked to deliver a state-of-the-art security solution – using IDIS video technology – alongside the wider building upgrade.

Galeco designed a 38-camera, end-to-end IDIS system that would ensure complete coverage of all target areas, including entrance exteriors, interior lobbies, corridors, public areas, and grounds at the rear of the building which had previously been targeted by trespassers.


IDIS DirectIP® ensures hassle-free installation and instant functionality

The installation team had to work flexibly, moving between floors from day to day to run cabling and install IDIS cameras, switches, and accessories, depending on the schedules of the two fit-out contractors. Installing an IDIS end-to-end DirectIP solution - with true plug-and-play connection of all devices giving instant guaranteed interoperability and cybersecurity - minimised set-up time and ensured that the security system could be implemented seamlessly and rapidly alongside the main refurbishment.

Cameras covering critical external and internal entrances, include 33 x 5MP vandal-resistant IR domes, and 5 x 5MP vandal-resistant IR fisheye cameras both featuring smart failover to protect against the of data in the event of network instability or failure. The cameras ensure high-definition image capture in all lighting conditions, and each of the fisheyes delivers the same comprehensive area coverage as three to four fixed lens cameras. Footage is stored on two 16-channel IDIS 6300 series 4K recorders delivering throughput of 320Mbps enabling UHD live view with no visible latency, and 480ips simultaneous recording using H.265 combined with IDIS Intelligent Codec saving on storage costs.

Results and Benefits

Enhanced 24/7 protection and a low total cost of ownership (TCO)

IDIS cameras give operators full visibility of the site, when necessary, to support rapid and accurate decision-making. The system is actively monitored for intrusion events, with IDIS integration partner’s control room team being alerted by pop-up notifications and five-second video clips, immediately an event-of-interest is detected.

A PA audio system provides added deterrent to intruders, including ‘freerunners’ who, in the past, have put themselves at risk climbing on statues in the grounds behind the office buildings; now control room operators can warn trespassers that IDIS cameras are monitoring the area.

Despite the complexity of the refurbishment, Galeco’s efficient and hassle-free delivery of the end-to-end IDIS solution was praised by the two main contractors. All three companies have gone on to collaborate on further projects.

Now, the law firm benefits from enhanced security at its modernised premises, with 24/7 recording of all events, and real-time monitoring out-of-hours. The upgraded system comes with a low total cost of ownership, extended warranties on all IDIS hardware, and no ongoing VMS licence fees.



"Thanks to IDIS we now have the reassurance of round-the-clock security monitoring to deter and respond to trespassing, and exceptionally clear video recordings of our premises. The project was delivered faultlessly, and our new system is delivering enhanced protection of sensitive client information, property, and our staff.."

Facilities Manager,
Corporate Law Firm