317 General Q. RTSP Audio Output Test 2023-11-06

A :

In the case of its IP Camera, you can check the Video/Audio output at the same time by entering the following RTSP command into the VNC player.
E.g.) rtsp://{ip address}:554/onvif/media?profile=Profile1

- If you want to test audio only, you can use the following RTSP command (H.265 Camera Only)
E.g.) rtsp://{ip address}:554/trackID=90

- If the audio is not heard in VNC, etc., check the Audio Track or Output device information setting in the Audio menu.

316 Software Q. Cannot install IDLA, Person Match simultaneously on one PC 2023-11-06

A : In the current local environment of one computer 
Person Match Service and Video Analytics Service cannot be working together. 

Current local computer IP: 
Current INEX(ISS) Version: Expert 4.0.4 
Install the current Video Analytics Service and Person Match Service on the same computer 

It is possible to install it, but it is confirmed that it does not work properly as shown in the following figure. The reason why the service cannot be loaded properly in Admin is that it does not work properly as confirmed by Service Manager.

Person If you want to use both Match Service and Video Analytics Service together, you can install the service separately on different computers, and then connect it to the same network by looking at the adminip. 

※For reference, if Person Match Service is being used on one computer, Person Match Service cannot be used on another computer.

315 Video Recorder Q. How to test the NVR HTTP event trigger 2023-11-06

Test Sample Method 

1. Prior to making sure NVR is on the same network as my pc 
2. Webhook site access -> check red box (pictured below) 
3. Make sure to write your own unique number in the red box when setting up NVR -> Notification -> HTTP settings (see other pictures)
4. NVR ->Custom Value -> Set as shown below (sample)

5. For example, if you want to capture an event for a particular situation with your camera and receive the result as HTTP JSON, you can set it as follows
    6. 6. EVENT -> Motion -> zone, setup, condition setup -> Actions -> notify -> HTTP click -> ok

314 General Q. Is there some reason some camera series does not work with IDLA? 2023-11-06

Q: We noticed that his IDLA does not offer the DC-T6233HRXL as available for IDLA service.
I checked our IDLA and have the same issue. We have DC-D6233HRXL connected but it doesnt appear in the IDLA availability list.


A : 
DC-T6233HRXL is VA Edge camera which support Line crossing, Loitering, Object detection.
IDLA does not support IDIS VA Edge camera.
If you want to use that camera o IDLA service, 
It needs to change DC-T6233HRXL to DC-T3233HRXL. 
it can be changed by firmware upgrade. 

313 General Q. Looking at some Recorder functions, there are Video Blind and Tempering functions, what is the difference between the two functions? 2023-11-06

A: Both functions are events that occur when the screen is covered by someone. 
The difference between the two features is Video Blind does not generate a Video Blind off message until the screen cover is resolved, 
Tempering causes on and off when screen coverings occur, regardless of whether screen coverings are resolved.

312 Software Q. Do I need to buy the ISS backup license on the Federation side as well? 2023-11-06

At Customer PJT, which was built in 2018, 
I'm trying to build additional ISS Backup service, and I have a license inquiry. 
The customer will probably install each backup service under admin. 
In this case,
1. Do I just follow the 1st admin backup device below for the license? 
2. Or should I buy a backup device channel as well? 

You can follow the Backup Device on the system on which the backup service will operate.
When the Backup service is registered with Admin, Admin, 
When the Backup service is registered with Federation, it is Federation.

311 General Q. I'm recording SD CARD/timelapse&event, but I can't see the recording on IDIS Center > Live plane? Is that normal? 2023-11-06

A: Yes, the camera's own SD recording status is not displayed on the OSD.
The recording status OSD is displayed by referring to the recording status information sent by the device, but the camera does not deliver the information.

310 Video Recorder Q. I upgraded to the latest version of DR-6500 series, but the Alarm-Box setting disappeared. 2023-11-06

A : Regards to DR-6500, 
From the v8.1.0, below features support on special version, we called SI Firmware.
Please contact IDIS support team, we will help you.

309 Video Recorder Q. TR-2516 Constraints. 2023-11-06

A : I have confirmed and shared the new TR-2516 constraints.
Issue: Provision AHD, Hik TVI 4MP/5MP camera shown only 1280x1440 when connected to TR-2516.
- Maximum resolution possible when the same camera is connected to the TR-1508.
The issue is limited to 4M Half/5M Half mode due to TR-2516 chipset performance limit.
TR-150x/TR-2504/TR-2508/TR-45xx have no chipset performance limitations.
4M30 : (Recognized as 4M Half) 1280x1440 15ips
4M15 : 2560x1440 7ips
5M20 : (recognized as 5M Half) 1280x1920 10ips 
5M12 : 2560x1920 7ips
If IPS is set lower in AHD, TVI camera settings, TR-2516 will enable resolution rather than half mode.

Third-party AHD (Provision) and TVI (Hik) cameras found on Onsite do not have 4M15ips and 5M12ips options.
In this case, TR-2516 does not enable maximum camera resolution.
- 5M 12.5ips is supported for IDIS TVI 5M models, so maximum resolution is available.
Other models, TR-15xx, TR-2504/2508, and TR-4508/4516, do not have this constraint, so this is not a problem.

308 Video Recorder Q. I can't see the Onvif protocol on the DR-1308P. Why is that? 2023-11-06

A: DR-1000 series is a small form factor product and supports only IDIS cameras. Non-Onvif third-party cameras are not supported.

307 General Q. What is the LAN/POE OUT port of DV-1304-A, and how do I use it? And what's the connection to Power Sources? 2023-11-06

A : An additional IP camera can be connected to the LAN/POE OUT PORT of DV-1304-A, and POE is provided. 
However, it is necessary to connect a DC 48V Adapter to use it. 

Refer to the following for details on the power supply.

0. 0. DV-1304-A can be powered w/ two power sources
1. 1. when powered via PoE (802.3at class 4 25W)
=> when powered w/ PoE, only the DV-1304-A works and it will draw max 25W
=> the PoE power draw in the NVR is showing total. please ignore the per channel power consumption
2. 2.  when powered by DC 48V@1A on the DC power in terminal (48VDC@0.8A = 38.4W)
=> the PoE Out on DV-1304-A is only powered when DC power is used
=> it will draw max 1A and use about 38.4W for both DV-1304-A and PoE out
=> it can supply 48V@0.35A max on the port PSE (16.8W), so it's about, 802.3af class3 (15.4 W max)

306 Software Q. When Windows is reinstalled for Installation & ISS SW, Please tell me how to make the existing recorded data recognizable. 2023-11-06

A : If you have backed-up ISS settings (*.iexp), importing them will enable existing data to be recognized.
If you do not have an existing setup backup, the ISS Setup>Recording Service>Storage>Import function can retrieve the existing recording data and retrieve it as a deleted device.

305 Video Recorder Q. PSE(PoE) Power Constraints on DR-2500 NVR 2023-11-06

Q : 
We found a possible issue with the PoE on this device. The problem happens when the IR lights come on in the cameras. There seems to be a PoE overload so one camera loses power.

When we turn off the IR light on the bullet camera, then the Fisheye camera that turned off comes on again.

The below is the PoE status with the bullet IR turned off.

This is with the Bullet IR turned On



From products produced since June 2022, (PD69104B1)
The PSE controller has been changed and has the following restrictions.
The corresponding NVR is determined by the following circumstances.
1. Current: Port is managed by Group, power is limited if it exceeds 37W per Group.
- - Gruop0 : CAM1 ~ 5
- - Group1 : CAM5 ~ 8
All cameras are currently connected to Group0.

To solve the problem,
Connecting the camera to Group0 and Group1 seperately would solve the problem

304 Camera Q. How many cameras can be linked from the first one connected to the extender?  2023-11-06

A :  Officially, we can say 1 IPC linked from the camera. 
PoE, IEEE 802.3at(Class 4), 25.5W
(DC OUT : 42.5-57V=, 0.3A MAX)
DC OUT is extended port. 
42.5V x 0.3A = 12.75W (min)
57V x 0.3A = 17.1W(Max)
So, at least DC OUT (Extender port) can provide 12.75W~17.1W
Basically, DC-D4517 series consumes about 7W.
12.75W – 7W = 5.75W. thus it’s not enough to support additional third camera. 

303 Camera Q. In regards to DC-D4517 series, Extender PoE specifications 2023-11-06

Q : What is the maximum distance I can reach with the PoE extender? 

A. it’s 100 meter. It’s same as ethernet interface. But you know, you have to consider margin for installation. 
I think most of installer takes about 70meter for the safe.