Intelligent Codec

Delivers up to 90% savings on storage and bandwidth,
providing faster, better searching of clearer images

Time and accuracy are of the essence in incident response, but typical video compression approaches can hinder the quick and efficient review of surveillance footage. Traditional industry approaches have meant jerkier images and challenges in the finding and review of critical moments. Such frustrations have been the accepted trade-off for the bandwidth and storage savings compression can provide. IDIS Intelligent Codec ends both the frustration and the trade-off once and for all, delivering faster, smoother searching with clearer images, and up to 90% savings on storage and bandwidth.

IDIS Intelligent Codec is advanced compression technology that dramatically enhances IDIS’s complete H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), which already deliver up to 30~50% bit rate reduction savings on storage space and network bandwidth. IDIS Intelligent Codec delivers up to 30~50% bit rate reduction on top of H.265, achieving a total up to 65~75% reduction for users. By leveraging of IDIS motion adaptive transmission (MAT) technology—which reduces the bit-rate by restricting transmission during live surveillance periods without movement—IDIS delivers a further reduction. From an H.264 baseline, IDIS Intelligent Codec plus MAT delivers a total savings of up to 90%, depending on scene and resolution. The less complex the scene and the less movement present, the greater the compression.

Lower Your Cost
of Ownership

See up to 90% storage savings via IDIS Intelligent Codec with Adaptive Transmission (MAT)

H.265 IDIS Intelligent Codec

(Saves up to 65~75%)

H.265 IDIS Intelligent Codec with MAT

(Saves up to 90%)

Search Faster than Ever Before

Faster and soother searches, minimizing distortion while reviewing complex scenes

Intelligent Codec

IDIS Intelligent Codec (save to 90%)
Other Camera Manufacturers

IDIS Intelligent Codec makes the complete IDIS H.265 range cost-effective, ensuring IDIS’s signature low total cost of ownership. The implementation of dual codecs (H.264/H.265) across IDIS’s entire H.265 range (including cameras, NVRs, and mobile apps) allows users to use H.264 for live monitoring on current hardware, while utilizing H.265 for recording, reducing storage requirements. This allows users of IDIS technology to enjoy the full benefits of IDIS Intelligent Codec, and ensures the IDIS H.265 range is backward compatible with prior IDIS technology, fulfilling the IDIS promise of future proof video surveillance. Another reason It’s Not the Same, It’s IDIS.

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