IDIS Social Responsibility

Shaping the future of video

The IDIS vision is to be the world’s most innovative video company, creating sustainable solutions that will benefit future generations by making the world smarter, safer, and more secure.

IDIS believes that as a business it cannot be successful when society around it fails. That’s why we have a decisive company-wide commitment to ensure smarter and more sustainable video solutions, while ensuring the respect for our human and natural resources.

By utilizing innovative technology, intelligent engineering, and energy-efficient design we build world-leading video products and solutions, while continuously striving to preserve the environment.

Our corporate responsibility embraces our core values and finds form in four key pillars:
  • Ethics and governance

    We value integrity and transparency and diligently work to the highest standards.

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  • People and communities

    We value the human rights of our employees and contribute to the communities near our facilities.

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  • Environment

    We ensure that increasing our economic and geographic footprint produces a smaller environmental impact.

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  • Supplier Responsibility

    We maintain a reliable supply chain that supports transparency and diversity, while striving to reduce environmental impact.

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Ethics and Governance

Building trust through transparency

As a global company, IDIS work to a system of practices developed to maintain a system of checks and balances to comply with applicable laws and play our part for the wellbeing of our people and planet. Management and control are shared between our senior management team, shareholders, the board and CEO.

IDIS is a public South Korean limited company headquartered in Daejeon. In 2014IDIS was listed on the Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (KOSDAQ) market. IDIS is governed by the Korea & Futures Exchange Act and rules set out in the KOSDAQ market regulations.

IDIS complies with South Korea’s Commercial Code that was developed to encourage transparency of taxation, corporate governance and to improve and supplement shareholder’s appraisal rights. IDIS does not diverge from the Commercial Code and our annual report describes how this corporate governance has been conducted in each financial year.

We always adhere to legal and regulatory requirements at both global and local levels and seek to be transparent in the way we do business. We believe in open and candid communications with our customers and partners that build trust and ensure mutual success.

People and Communities

Working by your side

IDIS is committed to upholding the human rights of its employees and we ensure our employees are treated with dignity and respect. Our business practices are designed to foster a respectful culture of diverse perspectives, mutual collaboration, and sustainable growth.

We empower employees with the same opportunities to professionally develop and succeed regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, geography, or background. By engaging and training, mentoring and nurturing, as well as sharing best practice, we encourage our employees to excel and help guide the company’s future.

We establish and maintain optimal workplace conditions wherever our facilities are geographically located to protect the well-being of our employees, customers, partners and communities.

We also support a culture of proactive health and fitness through team building activities, sports days, and fundraisers.

IDIS has a long tradition of supporting social welfare and community development projects and we actively encourage employees in philanthropic activities near our facilities. We look to support projects that positively impact local communities by utilizing our expertise and technology, or by lending a helping hand to those in crisis.


Our planet is a community, not a commodity

As IDIS grows its economic and geographic footprint we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. We encourage our employees and partners around the world to pursue ways to preserve the resources and beauty of our planet.

IDIS product development prioritizes sustainability from the outset from the initial design phase through all stages of the product lifecycle. Our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship has resulted in a series of steps to reduce waste across our Six Sigma led manufacturing processes with the IDIS Smart Factory receiving a presidential citation and National Productivity Award in an awards program sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

In 2006, IDIS became the first digital recorder manufacturer to be compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. This RoHS certification means that we have eliminated substances in our products that have harmful effects on the environment, pollute landfill sites and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling. Today we continue to work diligently to make safer every stage of our product life cycle.

Our global operations also follow ISO14001 standards to ensure the safe recycling of waste. In addition, under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, when customers buy new product from IDIS they are entitled to:

•  send old equipment for recycling on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis (this varies depending on the country)
•  send the new equipment back for recycling when this ultimately becomes waste

In the last decade we have adapted our packaging to make better use of recycled materials. Today our products are boxed and shipped in recyclable cardboard, while our senior executives continue to collaborate with our supply chain partners to research and identify new materials to further lessen the impact of our packaging on the environment.

Through innovative design and engineering our video solutions are more energy efficient compared with competitive products and help customers reduce their carbon footprint. We continue to strive to make leaps in cutting edge design as we know that even minor improvements can drastically reduce energy consumption considering the millions of IDIS products utilized across the world.

Supplier Responsibility

Partnering for mutual success

At IDIS we recognize that we will only be able to achieve our growth aspirations by forging close, effective, and sustainable supplier relationships. By working closely with our partners, we can focus our actions on the economic, social and environmental impacts of our business.

As such, the IDIS supply chain is supported by a wide variety for expertise in order to optimize our size, reach, and operational precision. We work hard with our partners to choose the lowest impact methods of transportation from our production facilities in South Korea out to our network of international distribution hubs. We constantly seek new ways to streamline our logistics model to achieve greater efficiencies.

Each year we invite our customers to meet with our board and senior management teams to drive positive change in the way we do business; by making changes to product design, adding new features and functionality, and adapting our packaging to help our partners and their customers reduce their environmental footprints.

We work diligently to support diversity across our employees and within our supplier network. We promote mutually beneficial relationships with both small and large businesses and those owned by minorities and women.

The IDIS ethos of integrity and building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are tantamount to our healthy growth. Our business strategy is designed to add value across our buying and supply chains. This means we generate profitable success for our suppliers, distributors, systems integrators, and return on investment for end users.

Our activities for society

CSR Case Studies Lists > BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build'

BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build'

IDIS video system donation featured on BBC’s award winning ‘BBC DIY SOS’ show.

Everyone at IDIS is delighted that our video surveillance technology is being featured on the award-winning BBC television series ‘BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build’, helping to transform life for a deserving family in Bromley, south of London.
The success of this wonderful project has depended on the efforts of volunteers, donations of products by companies, and professionals generously providing their services for free.

At IDIS we have a long tradition of supporting socially deserving projects of this kind. We were so pleased to be a part of it - especially when we learned more about the family who needed help.

Mike and Chantal Newcombe have three children, but were struggling to care for their youngest, two year old Arlo, who has a strain of lung disease so rare that he’s the only child in the UK with this particular genetic mutation. His lungs must be constantly supported, and this has left him dependent on oxygen 24/7.

Since Arlo was born the family had been confined to Kings College Hospital. Despite his rarity, Arlo is mentally and physically a typical toddler. With the family struggling, they undertook specialist training to get Arlo home, but life with a high dependency toddler would be challenging.

Arlo now needed a minimum of two highly-trained carers on constant watch, making family life – let alone sleep for mum and dad – almost impossible. Trailing breathing tubes and cumbersome equipment, and no downstairs bathroom turned their once safe home into a risky space. It was also urgent that dad Mike returned to work to pay for the mortgage and bills, or they risked not only losing the family home before the end of the year but also losing Arlo - as he would rebound straight back into intensive care.

There was hope here in the form of ‘super gran’ Laverne. Fully trained-up and already a big part of the family’s life, she was ready to give up the teaching assistant job that she loved so that she could help the family permanently.

They desperately need an extension for overnight accommodation and to assist with Arlo’s care, plus a complete redesign of the ground floor with bespoke adaptions and clever medical plumbing.

IDIS, led by our UK Sales Director Jamie Barfield, was pleased to join this effort, donating a high end video system, comprising our award-winning 12MP Vandal-Resistant IR Fisheye Camera (DC-Y3C14WRX) and our DirectIP® 2300 Series H.265 4K Recorder (DR2304P).

We also wanted to support our partner integrator Triple Star Fire & Security with this project because their team had volunteered to undertake the installation work. Triple Star also donated an iPad which allows the family to take advantage of our IDIS Mobile technology.

This means that Arlo’s carers can now also view the full-HD live streaming video on their TV sets and on mobile devices (such as the iPad) from any location they choose. As a result, life for the whole family is now more flexible and manageable.

“This project is a heart-warming example of the way our technology is helping to transform lives,” Jamie tells us. “Everyone here at IDIS has been following this project – we wish the family well and are proud to be making a difference.”

The programme is expected to air in the next few months so follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and we’ll be sure to give you a heads up.

CSR Case Studies Lists > City of Coppell

City of Coppell

IDIS Quality Enhances Awareness and Capability for Texas Community

Initially settled in the 1840s, the City of Coppell has grown to a mid-size Dallas suburb of over 40,000 residents. With dozens of parks, public facilities, and over 7 miles of trails to maintain and protect, the City of Coppell has a strong need for a robust and reliable video surveillance system.

For the third year in a row Coppell earned the top spot in the mid-sized city category of the ‘It’s Time Texas’ Community Challenge, a program that encourages Texas communities to compete over the ability to demonstrator the greatest commitment to healthy living.

The city’s surveillance systems consisted of a mixed bag of disparate systems scattered around the city. In addition to the complexities of managing and maintaining such a patchwork system, antiquated hardware added additional challenges. Many of the cameras used throughout the city and their corresponding systems where no longer supported, and in some cases, were no longer functioning. This non-functioning equipment meant the city didn’t always have the coverage they wanted or needed leaving gaps in their footage and data collection.

The city’s various VMS were all brought together under one view, so all systems and information is accessible from a single location. Numerous outdated and non-functioning cameras were replaced with the latest IDIS cameras, providing a reliable and relatively seamless integration with the VMS systems used, complemented with technologies including License Plate Recognition (LPR) to maximize situational awareness.

This deployment of next-generation technology, with IDIS cameras as the tip of the spear, as part of a newly robust video surveillance solution, increases the ability to mitigate risks, as well as see, understand, and react to incidents quicker and more comprehensively. Improved technology, and the full integration of IDIS cameras within the enhanced solution facilitates better, faster, clearer image capture and review, increasing not only the capability of law enforcement in Coppell, but creating both immediate benefits and increased potential for the continued leveraging of the new system as a whole vs. a previously heterogenous system that limited comprehensive advantages. integrated benefits and capabilities of the new technology. The solution allows public safety and law enforcement to use IDIS footage and the full complement of integrated features and technologies available to them to better assemble a picture, gather evidence, and ultimately make the City of Coppell a safer place.

Before the system, they had several major crimes (armed robberies) committed in public areas but upon investigation, found that they had no camera footage. Since the new cameras and systems were brought online, they have had at least two incidents that were caught on video. The new system has also been used for a number of other investigative actions around the city. Albert Gauthier, Chief Information Officer of the City of Coppel, remarked that ”[the system] has already played a key role in multiple crime investigations.” During the opening of the city’s two largest parks, which were closed for renovations, the system was used extensively to ensure the safety and security of the 25,000 people in attendance.

CSR Case Studies Lists > [68th]Community Involvement and Service

[68th]Community Involvement and Service

Donation and installation to strengthen our communities

IDIS employees have voluntarily gathered to install video surveillance equipment in facilities meeting community needs or serving the socially disadvantaged.

Their activities start with pre-survey system design, site visits, and include direct installation (or a coordination of efforts with partner integrators), as well as complete training on use, system management, and maintenance.

These efforts support IDIS’s commitment to “contribute to a safer and more secure world through a commitment to innovation and by fostering a culture of creativity.”

The 68th activity is Haeoreum House located in Cheongju.

Haeoreum House is a residential facility for children and teenagers who are abused.
There are now about six children and three teachers who protect and nurture their children through communal life management.

Children's emotional stability is important, but they always felt sorry for the lack of a physical and psychological safety net.

Basically, we've decided to monitor children's movements and install a strong CCTV like the gate of my house through a product that can give them a sense of psychological stability.

Installation of 6 cameras and NVR is complete. It is now possible to closely monitor both roads/parking/ exits/stair stairs/in-room.

When after the installation is complete, teacher of the Heaoreum House said,

“I think my house is getting happier.”

CSR Case Studies Lists > Research and Innovation Competition

Research and Innovation Competition

Financial sponsorship of academic research and talent development

IDIS has been actively engaged in social responsibility activities to identify and nurture talent and industrial technology through the “dissertation/invention contest” since 2008 with the 'electronic newspaper.'

At this annual event, students receive the Minister of Science and Technology Prize, accompanied by a generous scholarship, for their winning papers and inventions, and are eligible to be highlighted by IDIS as part of our global communications and outreach.

IDIS provides ~$100,000 to fund the program each year, an amount used for prize money and to cover event costs. Such activities enable student research efforts, facilitate discussion and discourse on key topics of the day, and help incubate both new ideas and a new generation of technology leaders.

Our investment represents our commitment to future-oriented thinking and sustainable growth through continued evolution of next-generation technologies.

CSR Case Studies Lists > Men’s Shed, Church Crookham and Fleet

Men’s Shed, Church Crookham and Fleet

IDIS and ISD Tech support community wellbeing project with video solution

We are delighted to be working with integration partner ISD Tech, supporting the Men’s Shed community group in Church Crookham and Fleet, UK, as it tackles isolation and loneliness among older men.

For a long time, research has warned about the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on health and wellbeing, with millions of people reporting feeling lonely on a daily basis.

Men’s Sheds have emerged as a practical way of tackling the problem, particularly for older men who find it more difficult to build social connections – although importantly, the organisation welcomes members of all ages and genders.

Members gather to work on practical projects together, contributing their knowledge and skills to local good causes – everything from building library shelves for primary schools, to making bird boxes for conservation groups. So, everyone wins!

Earlier this year, when the Church Crookham and Fleet group were awarded National Lottery funding for brand new, fully equipped workshop, IDIS and ISD Tech quickly stepped in to help.

We offered of a state-of-the-art remote video monitoring solution, free of charge, to help keep the new site safe.

This latest donation is part of our Create a Better World campaign – a major initiative that we’ve been running on social media channels since the start of the year, part of our global commitment to enhancing safety and security for social welfare projects and non-profit community organisations.

In this latest example, IDIS NVRs, bullet cameras and domes with IR capability now provide 24/7 video coverage of the new Men’s Shed facility, inside and out, helping to protect high value power tools and other equipment.

“The workshop is in quite a secluded location and it houses high value items, so it needs watching over out-of-hours,” explains Nicky Stokes, MD of ISD Tech. “We were delighted to provide this IDIS video solution to enable the volunteers who manage the site to receive alerts on their phones, and to view footage, if ever there’s an attempted intrusion or problem with vandalism.”

The Church Crookham and Fleet Men’s Shed group are really impressed with their new video system, which ensures they have a safe environment to meet and work in.

“We have 25 regularly active ‘shedders’ meeting twice a week and, as that number grows, we’ll increase the times that our workshop’ is open,” says the group’s Chairman Alan Walker. “Now, instead of just being old blokes tinkering away in isolation, we can have a joke and work together – in many ways it replicates the working environment.”

He tells us that more than 45 projects have already been completed by the group, and thanks to the IDIS video solution, both the ongoing work and the tools can be stored safely out-of-hours while the workshop is unoccupied.

Once again, IDIS is delighted to help.