Vertical Solution


An integrated DirectIP® solution by IDIS helps provide high-quality secure services and peace-of-mind in healthcare organisations through functionality and tailored features that include:

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  • DirectIP® PoE Switch
  • DirectIP® NVR
  • Cat5 / Cat5e (~100Mbps)
  • Cat5e /Cat6 (~1Gbps)

Suitability and Benefit

Effective Emergency Room Monitoring

High definition networked surveillance cameras can be leveraged to support patient care while real-time monitoring notifies staff instantly when a patient requires urgent assistance.

High Definition Surveillance

DirectIP® surveillance cameras provide crystal-clear images, allowing operators to monitor and track patient and visitor movement across the entire hospital. This prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas while supporting fast detection and investigation of crime.

Enhanced Surgical Environment

Stable and high resolution DirectIP® cameras capture footage to provide a repository of surgical video for training and education purposes as well as post-operative care. While an accurate and time stamped record of events safeguards against potentially fraudulent insurance claims.