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Manufacturing, Logistics, and Warehousing Solutions

The perfect surveillance solution for regulated and hazardous industrial facilities.

With stringent regulation outlining compliance, health, and safety as well as security challenges, DirectIP provides manufacturing facilities a centralized security operation with an accurate record of events. The capability for a rapid and decisive response to incidents drives operational efficiencies across health and safety, security, and quality control departments.

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  • DirectIP® PoE Switch
  • DirectIP® NVR
  • Cat5 / Cat5e (~100Mbps)
  • Cat5e /Cat6 (~1Gbps)

Suitability and Benefit

Intelligent Observation

At-a-glance verification enables a single operator to check incoming materials, shipments, or stock levels and even perform quality assurance procedures.

Automatic Alerts and Emergency Stopping

In hazardous environments, alarm management and integration with third-party systems allows centralized control of the entire facility, including production lines, to improve the health and safety of workers.

Third-party Scalability

Built on a platform with compatibility in mind, DirectIP® solutions integrate with third-party systems, such as access control and intruder detection, to provide scalability and a future-proof investment that drives down overall cost for the lifecycle of the entire security operation.