IDIS Ultimate Warranty

The IDIS Ultimate Warranty consists of the standard and extended warranty.

Standard Warranty

IDIS warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship
under normal use and service for the period described below.

Product Category Free Standard Warranty Free Extended Warranty Additional Cost Extended Warranty
Recorder H.265 DirectIP NVRs,
DirectCX Multi-Format TVRs
5 years N/A
Exceptions : Consumables Such as
HDD, FAN, Adaptor, etc.
3 years N/A N/A
All Other Recorders 3 years N/A
Camera IP Cameras 3 years N/A
All Other Cameras 3 years N/A
All Other Products All Excluding the Above
3 years N/A N/A
Free Extended Warranty Up to Two Years

The free extended warranty – which covers H.265 DirectIP NVRs, DirectCX multi-format TVRs, and all IP cameras – prolongs the standard warranty period of two years. In order to receive the free extended warranty, contact your integrator, distribution partner, or local IDIS office to apply for the additional two-year warranty and get approval from the above mentioned. This free extended warranty is not valid for secondary purchasers.

Exceptions :
• Recorders : HDD, FAN, Adaptor, etc.
• Cameras : Moving Parts in Cameras (pan/tilt motors, lens motors, irises,etc.)

IDIS Shall Have No Obligation Under This Limited Warranty or Otherwise If :

• The warranty period has expired.

• The product is installed outside of the stated operating parameters, is altered, or is improperly serviced or repaired by anyone other than IDIS/IDIS’s Authorized Service Center.

• Damage is caused by outside natural occurrences, such as lightning, power surges, fire, floods, acts of nature, etc.

• Defects resulting from unauthorized modification, misuse, vandalism, alterations of serial numbers, other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship, and/or failures related to batteries of any type used in connection with the products sold hereunder occur.

• There is external product damage, including field damage and return processes.

Additional Cost Extended Warranty Up to Two Years

Any other recorders and cameras – excluding H.265 DirectIP NVRs, DirectCX multi-format TVRs, and all IP cameras – are not valid to receive the two years free extended warranty. With respect to extending the warranty, you need to purchase the extended warranty by paying 10% of the product price (i.e. 5% annually up to two extended years).

Applicable Products List

The free extended warranty applies to the products listed below.

• New product lists about H.265 DirectIP NVRs and DirectCX multi-format TVRs will be updated based on the product launch schedule.