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  • 2017-03-16
Panel of experts recognise IDIS Smart UX Controls that signify a genuine industry breakthrough in simple, fast and super smooth PTZ controls

IDIS, South Korea’s largest surveillance manufacturer, announces today that the company has been nominated for a highly-respected Benchmark Magazine Innovation Awards 2017, a scheme that was set up to reward innovations that deliver real benefits to installers, integrators or end users.

The panel of experts appointed by Benchmark Magazine recognised the true innovation of IDIS Smart UX Controls as delivering real benefits to end users including ease of use and features and functions that enhance security operations, and present a real differentiator in PTZ capability for installers and integrators to offer new and existing customers.

Alleviating the challenges of traditional ePTZ controls including jerky and poor image quality, unintuitive screen controls, and latency that can result in security gaps, IDIS has developed Smart UX Controls to provide unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Features include instinctive “Slingshot” and “Rubberband” style controls, creating an experience unlike any other available on the market. These smooth and seamless controls allow users to easily follow moving objects in real-time with ground breaking accuracy by panning images at different speeds and in different directions literally without lifting a finger.

IDIS has also gone one step further and introduced “Quick Controls” functions to allow for simple and fast operation utilising a CTRL button and mouse combination. IDIS “Quick Controls” consist of “Quick Save”, “Quick Find”, “Quick Dewarping”, “Quick Zoom” and “Quick PTZ”. These revolutionary controls allow operators to dewarp any point of interest and even pan-tilt-zoom in a dewarping state.

The “Quick PTZ” features up to 16x digital zoom, no matter the type of camera, while “Quick Find” enables users to drag a saved image to a desired camera channel and view recorded video from the time of saving, quickly and with little effort. “Quick Dewarping” allows operators to use the CTRL button with a combination of mouse clicks to enable ePTZ, image reset and zoom in and out functionality to significantly speed up and simplify operation.

Commenting, Brian Song, Managing Director at IDIS Europe, said: “It’s an honour to be acknowledged by our industry peers and the Benchmark Magazine team, particularly as 2017 sees us celebrate our twentieth anniversary and two decades of innovation.

Benchmark Magazine is truly ahead of its game in terms of its unbiased and expert evaluation of new and existing technologies, making it the go to publication for anyone involved in electronic security and as such this nomination truly recognises our continued innovation. IDIS Smart UX Controls represents a genuine industry breakthrough to provide security operatives with an undeniable unique user experience that delivers pinpoint accuracy, even at great distances, to deliver a critical advantage in any given security application.”

To learn more about Smart UX Controls, visit www.idisglobal.com/technology/smartuxcontrols and details of IDIS 20th anniversary events can be found at www.idisglobal.com/idis20. More details on the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017 can be found in the latest edition of Benchmark Magazine by clicking here and going to page 28.