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  • 2015-06-14

The expanded IDIS line up ensures a unified user experience across all technology platforms to meet surveillance needs of businesses large or small

BRENTFORD, LONDON, 16 JUN 2015 – IDIS today unveiled its HD-TVI surveillance solution, DirectCX™ on its stand G700 at IFSEC International together with a fully-featured VMS, IDIS Solution Suite™ (ISS).  The addition of an analogue HD over coaxial system and the highly flexible and scalable ISS to the IDIS line up, cements the surveillance powerhouse’s promise to present the most comprehensive surveillance solution at this year’s exhibition. 



With a continued commitment to meet a range of surveillance and technology needs, the new IDIS DirectCX offering is ideal for customers and installers seeking analogue CCTV to leverage existing coaxial cabling and power lines, while still benefitting from IDIS signature high performance and quality.  The DirectCX line-up includes a range of HDTVI video recorders (TVRs), cameras, IDIS Center™ Video Management Software (VMS) and peripherals.


The fully featured IDIS VMS, ISS, works across any combination of IDIS recording platforms including the IDIS flagship NVR-based offering, DirectIP™ as well as DirectCX TVRs, to  presents customers with the powerful functionality offered by server-based recording.  Leveraging a cost-effective modular design, ISS works seamlessly with every single device IDIS and allows customers to choose only the modules they need such as admin, monitoring, recording, streaming, backup, redundant recording, failover and video wall services.  


Built on core patented technologies, the IDIS offerings all use the same user-friendly interface, ensuring a unified user experience across all technology platforms. ISS allows customers to mix and match networked and analogue HD over coaxial cable, while customers looking to migrate from DirectCX to networked DirectIP or to scale up from DirectIP to ISS will find a virtually identical user interface. This future-proofs investments by giving customers the flexibility to expand, while minimising end user and integrator training requirements to ensure a low cost of ownership.  


Speaking at the show Brian Song, Managing Director, IDIS Europe, said, “Our philosophy is to meet the surveillance needs of businesses across a range of market sectors by offering a total surveillance solution.  We also have a commitment to combining high performance with simplicity and a low cost of ownership.  From the perspective of operation there is no difference between using DirectIP™, DirectCX™ or operating ISS. 


“IDIS Center, bundled within our DirectIP offering, is already a powerful VMS that we offer at no cost, supporting up to 1024 devices or 32,768 (32 x 1024) cameras.  Now, with ISS, customers can scale up and expand to say 64 simultaneous remote client logins and gain the power and redundancy of server based recording, often required by larger enterprises with mission critical security operations, yet the user experience remains the same.  The modular design of ISS also ensures customers only pay for what they want and need.”


Song continued, “With the addition of our DirectCX offering and an enterprise-level VMS, we really are meeting the needs of an even wider range of applications in terms of operational surveillance and technology requirements.”  

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