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  • 2015-04-15

• The IDIS Solution delivers a high performance, end-to-end solution from a single manufacturer, designed and developed for every surveillance need

• The globally available total IDIS Solution  is modular and scalable, featuring a game changing low total cost of ownership for enterprises of all sizes
• The total IDIS Solution featured at  ISC West is the most robust and beneficial ever offered by IDIS, building on prior rollouts of DirectIP™ in Europe and the Middle East


LAS VEGAS, 16 MARCH 2015 – On the second day of ISC West, global surveillance powerhouse IDIS focused on the introduction of its total surveillance solution to the  American marketplace.  Through a series of presentations and hands-on demonstrations at the IDIS booth, IDIS shared the core benefits of the IDIS Solution to the American and global surveillance marketplaces:  the availability of a true end-to-end solution for every need and size, with highest-quality performance at a game changing low total cost of ownership.   


“ISC West, in many ways, has been an ideal platform for the American launch of the total IDIS solution,” noted Keith Drummond, Senior Sales Director for IDIS America, “Alongside our flagship solution,  DirectIP™—which leverages a revolutionary NVR-based approach to bring unparalleled simplicity, high performance, and low total cost of ownership together in one package—IDIS is featuring IDIS Solution Suite (ISS), a highly scalable, flexible VMS that provides a Unified User experience across different technology platforms, and DirectCX, our analog complement to these offerings, and the final piece in our true end-to-end solution for every surveillance need.

“Together, these components—each designed, developed, and manufactured by IDIS—comprise a surveillance solution able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding security landscape through flexible and cost-effective high-performance technology.” 
The IDIS total solution is designed to meet  every surveillance need, and to do so for any size enterprise.   

• The IDIS DirectIP™ offering has proven a revolutionary approach to HD surveillance—one that is truly plug-and-play, single-source, and highly affordable, comprising a range of HD cameras, network video recorders (NVR), and monitors—including 4K UHD and H.265 capability. 
• The full featured IDIS VMS, IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) works with any combination of recording platforms and offers a high responsive and cost-effective modular design, with available recording, backup, redundant recording, fail over services, and video wall services modules, and a virtually identical GUI across all platforms.
• IDIS DirectCX HDTVI offering, delivering FHD over BNC cabling, including DirectCX cameras, recorders, and the IDIS Center, able to complement existing investments with BNC cabling.

“What we’re seeing here at ISC West is a strong industry response to IDIS’s ability to offer a total end-to-end solution, comprising DirectIP™, the ISS VMS, and DirectCX analog offerings.  IDIS offerings are odular and fully scalable, meaning the benefit of the IDIS solution is available and affordable to enterprises of all sizes,” noted Drummond.
“The reception here at the show only confirms how successful IDIS has been at crafting the all-in-one solution the industry has been waiting for. We are very pleased to see visitors to the show share in the excitement we feel about the benefits IDIS brings to the marketplace:  a true total solution for every need, highest quality at a lower total cost of ownership.”