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  • IDIS Throw Down The Compression Gauntlet

  • 2016-06-18

With HD cameras still leading the surveillance market there is a recognition that the next step is 4K cameras but a recent IHS review suggested that a move to 4k is likely some years off. HD cameras traditionally use a compression codec called H264 but with 4k cameras there is a huge price to pay and that price is a combination of bandwidth and storage.<

4k cameras are being deployed in ever increasing numbers and few would argue against the fact that they are opening up new and exciting opportunities for what can be captured on camera. It seems the Korean company IDIS have taken up the challenge to lead the way with 4k and compression, introducing the H265 codec to their range and then adding additional compression on top.

On 21st June IDIS will launch what they believe is a world beating compression standard for surveillance video along with many more enterprise focused products. Philip Ingram from SecurityNewsDesk and SecurityMiddleEast.com talked to Brian Song, IDIS Europe’s Managing Director, who has responsibilities into the Middle East market, to get a better insight, as he and the SecurityNewsDesk team hadn’t heard of this capability before.

“We are launching our new IDIS Intelligent Codec which utilizes H265 compression and adds our own “IDIS intelligent codec” that provides further compression,” says Brian Song. “Compared with H264, H265  gives 50% better compression and our IDIS intelligent codec takes this up to 65% saving on bandwidth  and storage,” he continued.

“Impressive that this sounds when we switch on our new Motional Adaptive Technology (MAT) we can achieve a 90% compression rate when compared with H264. MAT allows us to concentrate on processing only parts of an image that are changing, for example a car driving down a street, allowing us to achieve a larger equivalent compression than just using H265 and the IDIS intelligent codec. We provide a solution that has at least 15% cost saving compared with HD devices using H264 compression,” added Brian Song.

In addition to the ground breaking compression capability IDIS recognize that surveillance cameras have to do much more than just monitor an area which is why they are releasing Video Analytics in a box which is video analytics, including people counting, heat mapping, queue management and the company’s new powerful Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) recognizing that the market is adapting and requiring new capabilities of what were traditionally surveillance only devices.

Alongside new superfast NVR devices, that include Western Digital surveillance HDDs, and can utilize H264 and H265 compressed video at the same time they continue to innovate their camera technology and now have SmartFailover with 24-Hour SmartSave allowing seamless failover protection in the event of a network disruption. IDIS cameras begin recording to an on-board the SD card and as soon the camera-to-NVR connection is restored, the NVR resumes recording and the footage from the camera’s SD card automatically transfers to the NVR. The 32GB SD card will record at a pre-configured profile until 50% of the card’s capacity is used, after which the IP camera automatically controls recording profiles to guarantee 24-hour recording.

Brian Song concluded by saying, “This IDIS Total Solution offering is purposely designed and built to meet any surveillance need, of any size—delivering industry-leading quality, reliability and feature sets—without sacrificing a key differentiator for IDIS: one of the industry’s lowest total costs of ownership.”

It is clear from IDIS’s innovation and reading of the market, their insight must be working as, “IDIS is a growing company, from 2014 to 2015 we saw approximately a 20% growth and our target this year is to grow further by 15-20%’” said Brian Song. With his typical smile, it was clear to Ingram he expected to meet his targets.