Vertical Solution


IDIS’s DirectiIP® surveilance solution can provide a safer and more secure business office environment, by:

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  • DirectIP® PoE Switch
  • DirectIP® NVR
  • Cat5 / Cat5e (~100Mbps)
  • Cat5e /Cat6 (~1Gbps)

Suitability and Benefit

Integrated Surveillance Center

Through a closely integrated structure comprised of cameras, sensors, and alarms, DirectIP® surveillance enables a consolidated view of every event and inci dent to streamline security operations.

Clear Vision Even in Challenging Light

In high-risk areas such as basement car parks, the outsta nding low-light functionality and image quality of cameras combined with built-in audio features make DirectIP® the perfect safeguard against car theft, break-ins, and other incidents.

Protecting High Value Assets and Data

Integrating with alarm systems such as intruder or fire, DirectIP® solutions ensure your property and assets are safe in any event. Irrespective of the complexities of your building, real-time streaming linked directly to the control room ensures a rapid response to incidents.