107 [S] SNTP(Simple Network Time Protocol)

A simplified version of NTP.

106 [S] SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)

IP based protocol for network management, as well as meaning and monitoring network components. SNMP allows getting information from networking devices (GET), to set parameters on network devices (SET), and to be notified about certain events (EVENT).

105 [R] RS232/RS422/RS485

Recommended standards for serial data transmission. A communication interface for third party control, firmware upgrades, and service purposes for camera and DVR products.

104 [R] Resolution

The measure of the fine detail that can be seen in an image. For analog systems this is typically measured in Television Lines or TVL. The higher the TVL rating, the higher the resolution.

103 [Q] QCIF (Quarter CIF)

Video format with 176 x 120/144 pixels.

102 [P] PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance)

Industrial standardization initiative promoting interoperability of IP-enabled security devices.

101 [P] Privacy Masking

The ability to mask out a specific area to prevent it from being viewed.

100 [P] Port

A port is generally a specific place for being physically connected to some other device, usually with a socket and plug of some kind.

99 [P] Pixel

The smallest addressable unit on a display screen or bitmapped image.

98 [P] Pan

Camera movement in the horizontal direction.