A Next Gen Video Surveillance Solution Based On An IP Framework

DirectIP® is an advanced video solution that seamlessly connects IP cameras, NVRs, and network devices to
deliver rich functionality, while eliminating complex configuration

Powerful Performance

DirectIP® enables real-time monitoring and simultaneous recording of multiple, independent ultra high-definition (UHD) resolution video streams

UHD Real-Time Monitoring and Recording

DirectIP’s unparalleled network throughput delivers stable UHD quality video transmission enabling high-performance real-time monitoring and recording from multiple megapixel cameras direct to NVRs without any degradation of image quality. Users also benefit from advanced NVR features such as smart search and event management functionality.

Multiple independent video streams

DirectIP® allows simultaneous real-time monitoring, recording, playback, and remote viewing. In-built smart features have the capability to control resolution, quality, and bitrate to ensure optimum performance.

Simple and Easy to Install and Operate

DirectIP® plug-and-play technology ensures easy installation, implementation and straightforward operation.
Once installed, operation is intuitive, while award-winning smart controls deliver an enhanced user experience.

Rapid Deployment

IDIS cameras utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminating the need for power cables, while the hierarchical connection structure between cameras and NVRs further guarantees the most efficient method of cabling. DirectIP® cameras feature audio and alarm I/O ports allowing simple and fast alarm and audio relay with external devices such as sirens and lights.

Zero Configuration

True plug-and-play installation means the seamless connection of devices to lower installation costs and eliminate the need for specialist integration supports. IDIS’s proprietary, automated set of protocols, including AutoIP, multicast DNS, and DNS service directory techniques ensure fast deployments without in-depth knowledge of IP networking.

Compatibility and Integration

DirectIP® is compatible with existing legacy systems and third-party devices and systems

Compatibility with legacy systems and external devices

As well as forward and backward compatibility across IDIS’s own range, IDIS can also integrate with legacy analogue cameras and DVRs to extend the life of existing systems, which presents an affordable and manageable migration path to the latest DirectIP technology.

Compatibility with Third-Party Devices and Systems

We understand that customers want to choose the most suitable technology to meet their security needs. And this means the ability to easily integrate with third-party cameras, devices, systems, and software.

IDIS already offers a wide range of off-the-shelf integrations with world-leading video management software, intruder and intercom systems, ATMs, Point of Sale (PoS) applications, storage devices, video sources, and recorders.

In addition, DirectIP supports ONVIF® for the effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products as well as providing customers with an easy to use Software Development Kit (SDK).

Network Security

Network security through a powerful mutual authentication system

DirectIP® is a proprietary mutual authentication system supported by all IDIS IP products.
When IDIS IP cameras are connected to an IDIS NVR, both devices mutually authenticate each other automatically
through DirectIP®. The authentication data is stored and protected on both the IP cameras and the NVR.

Cost Effective

DirectIP® guarantees a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for end users and reduces integrators total cost to serve for installers and integrators (TCS)

Increase Profits and Reduce Costs

DirectIP® ensures a low total cost to serve (TCS) for installers and integrators

Compatibility and Rich Functionality
ㆍStraightforward system design and pricing
ㆍSimple and rapid deployments with less cabling
ㆍSeamless connectivity across all hardware, software, and accessories
ㆍForward and backward compatibly to win simple upgrade projects
ㆍCustomer satisfaction increases opportunities for attractive maintenance contracts
Faster Incident Resolution
ㆍLess time identifying and rectifying issues compared to multi-vendor set-ups
ㆍDeal only with one local technical support team

Better Sales Planning
ㆍTime and resource efficient collaborative business development
ㆍOne point of contact for sales, marketing and PR initiatives
ㆍMaster end-to-end video solutions and become technology experts
Streamlined Cybersecurity
ㆍMutual authentication of devices eliminating the need to manage IP addresses and passwords
ㆍBuilt-in cybersecurity for access, transmission, recording and integrity of footage

Lower Lifecycle Costs and Increased Efficiency

DirectIP® guarantees a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers of any size

No Hidden Fees
ㆍCost-free IDIS Center client software
ㆍOne-off modular charges for enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite video management software (VMS)
ㆍLicense free analytics and AI appliances
ㆍNo additional fees for dynamic privacy masking, redaction, and video clipping software
End-to-End Video Solutions
ㆍA one-stop-shop to meet your security, safety and business intelligence needs
ㆍSoftware, hardware, analytics and accessories that seamlessly integrate Unrivalled Performance
ㆍEnterprise-level and server-crushing NVRs
ㆍExceptional image quality without latency
ㆍAn award-winning and extensive camera line up

Reliability and Quality
ㆍIndustry’s longest warranties
ㆍDesigned, developed, and manufactured in South Korea
ㆍBuilt-in multi-layered failover protection against a range of fault conditions Smart and Efficient
ㆍSimple and fast plug-and-play technology to reduce installation and maintenance costs
ㆍIntuitive user interfaces and award-winning smooth controls
ㆍConvenient remote monitoring through the IDIS Mobile app
ㆍMobile surveillance via smartphones
ㆍResilient technologies for secure access, transmission, recording and video integrity
ㆍMutual authentication of devices to eliminate human error managing IP addresses and passwords


DR-8000 Series

DirectIP® Network Recoders

DR-6000 Series

DirectIP® Network Recoders

DR-4000 Series

DirectIP® Network Recoders

DR-2000 Series

DirectIP® Network Recoders

DR-1000 Series

DirectIP® Network Recoders


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® Network Cameras


DirectIP® PoE Switch