240 General Q. When recording as 1ips in TR-4216 and TR-4116, TR-4216 Rec data was about four times higher. Why ? 2021-11-05

This is because in the TR-4216 products, a policy to apply weights to bitrate to reinforce image quality at low tips has been applied.

239 General Q. Is the CPU FAN error in TR-2508 recorded in the log ? 2021-11-05

Yes. It is recorded as 'Fan Error(CPU)'.

238 General Q. How many event logs can be stored ? 2021-11-05

The event logs are stored in HDD, so there is no number limit.
However, if the recording data is overwritten due to HDD capacity, also the event logs for the overwritten recording are deleted.

237 General Q. Is it possible to use the SD card in the Network Camera after FAT32 format ? 2021-11-05

Yes. When it inserted in IDIS Network Camera, it will be automatically formated in our filesystem.

236 General Q. Does the camera automatically select a value within range specified as the Min/Max value(Shutter Speed and Gain Control) ? 2021-11-05


235 General Q. Can I play RAID 1+0, RAID 5, RAID 6 in the 'IDIS Center for iHDP' ? 2021-11-05

IDIS Center for iHDP is a S/W to access the HDD of NVR frome a PC to enable playback Therefore, Complete data has to be stored in a single HDD.(RAID 1+0, 5, 6 store different parts of data in each HDDs)

Use RAID HDD playback through remote access from iRAS to NVR.

234 General Q. Which takes precedence TR-2504/08 time server and Radio Clock ? 2021-11-05

There is no priority, and if either works, it is synchronized immediately.

233 General Q. Is there any capacity differences in SD card between using in 'Smart Failover' and 'Timelapse' ? 2021-11-05

Both have same capacity (Up to 256GB)

232 General Q. When the advertisement electronic display lights are illuminated, 'Flicker' occurs. Is there any way to improve it ? 2021-11-05

If 'Anti-flicker On/Off' doesn't solve it, you should find a value that improves in the following way.

Go to 'Anti-flicker Off' -> 'Exposure Control' -> 'Manual'  
And, Set Shuter speed Min and Max value the same and manually find a value that improves flicker by setting the value to a multiple of 60.
(ex. 1/60, 1/120 

231 General Q. Is there a way to track only the objects designated by PTZ's Auto Tracking ? 2021-11-05

No, there is no way yet.

230 General Q. Network Camera date and time have been initialized to 1/1/1971 2021-11-05

Without RTC battery, Camera returns to 1/1/1971 when rebooting.

229 General Q. Explain about DR-2316 PoE specification. 2021-11-05

PoE (IEEE 802.3at class 4) supported 8 ports, 50W

There are group limitations :
Port 1 ~ 4 : 37W
Port 5 ~ 8 : 37W

228 General Q. What is the running time for a camera with a full charged RTC battery ? 2021-11-05

The guaranteed time is 1 week.

227 General Q. DH-2010P/2018P switches support IEEE 802.3at ? 2021-11-05

For 8-ports model, it supports upto 8 IEEE 802.3af and upto 2 IEEE 802.3at.

For 16-ports model, it supports upto 16 IEEE 802.3af and upto 4 IEEE 802.3at.

226 General Q. Can I operate DD-1216 power On/Off ? 2021-11-05

Frequent Power On/Off operations are difficult to recommend