290 Software Q. How it works IDIS Mobile Camera Auto Log-In 2022-11-10

Q. If the mobile phone is in the WIFI, user can use Auto Login option.

However, it seems that auto log-in is not working when the IDIS Mobile Camera App comes up from the Background.


A. if the App comes up within 10 seconds after app goes background, the screen comes out as it is. 
After 10 seconds, it logs out.

After that, if user again runs the Mobile App, it will be auto log-in

289 Accessory Q. How long does it take to initialize and build the DA-ES1104 by RAID mode? 2022-11-10

A. Initialization takes about 30 seconds to setup.

In addtion, IDIS tells the build time is 200GB/hour regardless of mode. 

It is the worst case, so it's actually faster than this.

288 Accessory Q. Do I need to use same capacity HDD in the eSATA storage ? 2022-11-10

A. Yes. We recommend using same capacity HDDs in 1 eSATA storage.


Even if the HDDs have different capacities, eSATA works. However, if user sets RAID, the total capacity is calculated based on low capacity.

It means, User cannot use as much as the difference in capacity between two HDDs.


Also, using HDDs with different sizes increases the number of caese in problem, making it difficult to provice technical support.


287 Accessory Q. How much the distance of Social Distance level of DV-1304? 2022-11-10

A. For example, assuming that the height of detected object as human is 1.7m.

The distance by level is as follows.


Level 1 : 0.7m

Level 2 : 1.4m

Level 3 : 2m

Level 4 : 2.7m

Level 5 : 3.4m

286 Accessory Q. I can't change the IP address of DV-1304 AI BOX thorugh the INIT 2022-11-10

A. User can change the IP address if the DV-1304 have never registered to the NVR before.

If user wants to change it, please do factory reset and then change the IP address.


To support DIP 1.0 cameras, here are supported functions in INIT

1. Setup : IP address setup

2. Reset : Soft, Factory

3. Management : Upgrade, System log

285 Software Q. How many NVRs can be registered to the Mobile App ? 2022-11-10

A. There is no specific limitation, Our LAB tested registration upto 4000 NVRs.

284 Software Q. There is no change in Device Name in the IDIS Center 2022-11-10

A. The IDIS Center manages device names if the Device Name Sync is unticked.

In this case, even if user changes the device name, IDIS Center shows the existing device name.


"Setup > Double Click the Device > Edit Device > Tick/Untick Device Name Sync"



283 Camera Q. What is the WDR of Analog Camera ? 2022-11-10

1. Frame mode : It is a "Multi-Exposure Control" synthesis method.

It is to generate 1 image by synthesizing image information taken by Short Exposure and Long Exposure


2. Line mode : It is a method of ouputting data of 3 frames with different exposure times in line via the Line Buffer of the ISP.

It allows to maintain frame rate and initialize overlapping problems betwwen frames.

282 Video Recorder Q. Response of OSD button is too slow in 5MP 12.5fps of TVI camera 2022-11-10

A. The ADC key value entered by OSD button is read by VD Sync.

In addition, to prevent malfunction due to noise, it is operated when the input value is maintained at least 2 frames.

Thus, 12.5fps has a long interval VD Sync so, it works relateively slowly,


281 General Q. Why does the trouble shooting report have different capacity ? 2022-11-10

A. The debug information is extracted based on the time of extraction.

After first export, based on the existing file, only the new debug is extracted.


Therefore, if there is no new information, it will have same size. On the contrary, if there is new, it extract new information only.

280 Software Q. What is Device Low Bandwidth Communication on ISS ? 2022-11-10

A. It is used for seamless communication even in low bandwith network.

However,, if "Device Low Bandwidth Communication" is enabled, it is not effective in the normal network because it trys handshake communication between the device and client.


279 Accessory Q. Does DV-1304(-A) AI BOX support Onvif IP camera ? 2022-11-10

A. No. DV-1304(-A) has compatible with only IDIS Camera, not Onvif Camera.

278 Software Q. The security level of Intelligent TLS on IDIS Solution Suite 2022-11-10

A. Intelligent TLS is a level similar to TLS Very High level (Exclude Multimedia SSL).
General Exclude Multimedia SSL is used in Windows, and since it requires significant additional performance, ISS performance may be greatly reduced.
To solve this, SSL/TLS was applied according to our protocol to improve processing speed so as not to affect performance.

277 Software Q. ISS license registration modes and how they work 2022-11-09


1. Online Mode : Initial access to the License Server once, then no need to connect it. After Verificatioin the License Key, internet is not required.


2. Offline Mode :  Input the key without Internet.


3. Cloud Mode : It has to keep opening internet access, because Admin service keeps connection to the license server every day. limited time is 24 hours. If the network is disconnected and flows without recover it, ISS services goes out (Status : Demo Expired) if the ISS service restarts. 

276 Camera Q. How to do factory reset of DC-T4516WRX-A without INIT program 2022-11-09

A. Please refer to the image.

Other bullet camera also has factory reset button inside.