• Why secure video intercoms are opening new doors for integrators

    Remember all those new solutions for secure door entry that were rushed to market by vendors during the Covid pandemic? It suddenly became a priority to have convenient – and touchless – entry to premises.

  • The Seven Wonders Retailers Are Using to Boost Profits with The Latest Video Innovations

    Most retailers use camera systems to cut shrink and deter crime—but the latest tech offerings are giving some businesses a surprising advantage.

  • Keeping public areas safe with more affordable and efficient video solutions

    The UK remains one of the most developed regions for public area CCTV, but a tough economic outlook is putting pressure on operators.

  • How systems integrators are unlocking the power of AI video for luxury retailers

    Purveyors of high- value goods are among the most innovative when it comes to taking advantage of the growing benefits of AI-powered video analytics; in project after project across the globe, we are seeing solutions adopted by upscale outlets selling jewelry and watches, cosmetics, haute couture apparel and accessories, and luxury vehicles.

  • LPR and AI Are Taking Parking Management to The Next Level

    LPR continues to add efficiencies - and improved security - to parking management operations. And we now see some exciting new applications emerging too, taking advantage of advances in edge AI camera technology.


    Rapid and robust technological advances have transformed the video surveillance market in recent years. But perhaps none more so than 2023. AI came of age with the debut and rapid adoption of ChatGPT, which started a worldwide debate around the need for regulation. It was also the year we finally put the COVID pandemic behind us, resulting in projects being revived, a resurgence in sales, and like other AI technology, the adoption of video equipped with AI surged in the U.S. across a wide variety of sectors. From enhancing security measures to improving operational efficiency, video surveillance has become indispensable for businesses, organizations, and public spaces.

  • Clear vision, smart thinking

    Users in the Middle East are among the most ambitious globally when it comes to taking advantage of the new capabilities that video technology has to offer.

  • How AI video is helping to win contracts

    Systems integrators are winning significant contracts with bids leveraging the benefits of easy and affordable AI video analytics.

  • As retailers push back against violence and aggression, they are turning to better video tech

    It’s a sign of the times that one of the UK’s best-known supermarkets is trying to attract police patrols to its stores with the offer of free hot drinks.

  • How To Start Winning the U.S. Shoplifting Battle

    Retail theft is a significant problem in the United States that has a substantial impact on retailers, consumers, and society as a whole. Shoplifting is the most common cause of retail shrinkage in the U.S., accounting for 37% of total losses in 2021. Retailers cited external theft, including organized retail crime, followed by employee internal theft and inventory process failures.

  • The risks and big opportunities of NDAA in the UK and Europe

    For systems integrators that don’t yet have NDAA-compliant video manufacturer partners, now is the time to make that connection. There are growing opportunities for integrators who do work with compliant vendors, and growing risks for those who don’t.

  • Four Top Tips to Help Our K-12 Schools Get the Best Value From Surveillance Upgrades

    K-12 schools in recent years have experienced a disturbing uptick in violence and other serious security threats. They’re also feeling the press from stakeholders to find new and better ways to improve security.

  • Why hotels no longer compromise on video surveillance

    We are seeing hotel operators putting video surveillance to increasingly good use – finding ways to deliver better guest experiences, improve security, protect themselves from spurious insurance claims, and reduce costs by driving efficiency.

  • Video applications beyond security have exciting potential

    As deep learning video analytics become more powerful, we are seeing many new applications beyond security.


    We at IDIS are super excited to be returning to the show floor once again post-pandemic. We look forward to meeting old friends and new, and bringing you all up to speed on our latest end-to-end solutions with deep learning innovations.