182 General Q. I want to access ISS Web service from external network, can you please guide us how to configure? 2021-10-26

1. Description

This document guides how to access ISS WEB service from remote site

<Tested network diagram>

Remote PC access local ISS server by Web service

2. How to configure

#1. Install ISS with latest firmware

 + install ADM, MON, STR, WEB Service

 + and add devices(NVR, IPC..)

#2. Open ISS service manager and each services should set ‘External IP address’

 + the address of External IP is the Router’s uplink IP

 + at least, ADM, STR, WEB, (MON) service should be set.

#3. Go to Router setting,

Set Port forwarding as below service ports.

11001 ~ 11009 (ISS service port)

8080 (ISS Web service port)


#4. Run Chrome or IE and enther ‘<Router’s uplink:8080>

Then you can access ISS web and watch live view.

Note : if web service does not work, restart the service once and try again.

181 General Q. When I connect a SATA HDD to the IS-1100, it is not recognized. What's the reason? 2021-10-26

IS-1100 does not support SATA HDD. You must use an NLSAS TYPE HDD.

180 General Q. [DV-2232] In case of using DirectIP 1.0 camera 2021-10-26

DirectIP 1.0 Camera and DV-2232 should be in the same network. 
In some cases, DirectIP 1.0 cameras requires additional settings to use DV-2232 COVID-19 video analytics.
If you cannot see the VA working on the IDIS Center, please change camera protocol as DirectIP

179 General Q. [IoT]PIR sensor is not working 2021-10-26

If the PIR sensor is not working, please check your NVR is on a 'Self-Guard' mode.
PIR Sensor is working on 'Self-Guard' mode.

178 Video Recorder Q. How to disable 2FA feature 2021-07-21

You can disable 2FA by email authentication or UPR(User Password Reset) function.
 - To use email authentication, the FEN setup must be configured. 
 - To use the UPR function, the UPR file must be saved in advance.
Please refer to the manual for more detailed information.


If the above two methods are not applicable, the factory reset of the NVR is required. Please contact techsupport@idisglobal.com for more information.

177 Video Recorder Q. Places where the logs are stored. 2021-07-21

- System/Debug Log in the Memory
- Event Log in the SSD/HDD

176 Camera Q. Camera title in IDIS Web 2021-07-21

The priority in which the camera title is displayed in IDIS web is as follows:

1st priority: The title entered through mouse right-click > 'Change Camera Title'
2nd priority: The tile entered in the Camera Setup > System > Name
 ※ If both two names are deleted, no title is displayed while IDIS Web is in use.
 ※ When reconnecting to IDIS Web, if there is no camera title, it is displayed as Camera 1, Camera 2, … etc.

The title entered through the mouse right-click is saved as an ini file in Windows, so you need to delete the ini file to delete the name.

175 Software Q. The maximum number of IDIS Center Emergency Event Panel Event Count 2021-07-20

The maximum number of IDIS Center Emergency Event Panel Event Count is 100,000.
Please refer to the IDIS Center Manual for more information.

174 Camera Q. There is no reset button on a camera, where is it? 2021-07-20

For some camera models, there is no reset button. Please contact techsupport@idisglobal.com for more information.

173 Video Recorder Q. What does 'Out of Coder Memory' error from NVR mean? 2021-07-20

It means NVR memory is not enough. This can be caused when the cameras might be not compatible with the NVR.

172 Software Q. IDIS Solution Suite Instant Recording Specification 2021-07-20

The Instant Recording data is stored in the same way as event recording. Older data is overwritten sequentially with new data. Please refer to the ISS manual for more information.

171 Accessory Q. What kind of mic is compatible with IDIS camera and NVR? 2021-07-20

Normal active mics will work with IDIS products. Please refer to the product manual or A&E specification for hardware specifications.

170 Software Q. I installed ISS WEB service, but when I try to access it with 80 port, it doesn't work. why? 2021-07-20

The service port of ISS Web service is 8080. Because, basically, most of the other web services use 80 port as default. 

169 General Q. Do IDIS products support SFTP and FTPS? 2021-07-20

No, IDIS products only support FTP.

168 General Q. What is the FEN information update cycle? 2021-06-10

Device - Delivers information periodically every 3 minutes & as soon as a change happens
FEN - Update as soon as information is delivered