IDIS Technology Delivers Custom Security for City of Whittier Utility Installation

  • IndustryGovernment
  • CustomerCity of Whittier
  • RegionWhittier, California, USA
  • IDIS PartnersiNet Security and SARC


Remote public resources and utilities at risk

Located southeast of Los Angeles, California, the City of Whittier hosts a water pumping utility installation that provides water to the businesses and residents of the surrounding Gateway Cities Region. In recent years, the installation routinely suffered attacks by vandals and looters, resulting in regular defacement with graffiti and the theft of copper components from pumping stations. This caused interruptions in service to businesses and residents across the surrounding cities.

To ensure the security of the water installation and avoid public health and safety concerns, the City of Whittier turned to a virtual guarding solution from iNet Security LLC. iNet Security leveraged comprehensive monitoring from the Surveillance Acquisition Response Center (SARC), powered in part by IDIS technology, for a high-performance video surveillance solution that has already shown powerful results.


Optimizing security to support
multi-site safety and protection

With the health and safety of the City of Whittier and its surrounding region potentially at risk, it was essential that any security solution deployed by the city be dependable, effective, and capable of low-maintenance 24/7 monitoring. The system also required ease of remote use as the installation is located in a remote wildlife preservation area far from the city center.

Any surveillance solution had to:
• Secure multiple locations within a remote wilderness location
• Manage authorized access to installation premises
• Maximize security of the installation with encryption speeds capable of constant live monitoring
• Provide compatibility and integrate seamlessly with SARC virtual guarding systems
• Enable the coordination of live responses to security events
• Feature intuitive software that is easy for users to operate and master.

Representatives of the City of Whittier reviewed systems from several manufacturers before they determined that the virtual guarding solution from iNet Security, powered in part by IDIS, would best meet their requirements.


Fully integrated and worry-free surveillance

SARC and the City of Whittier leveraged technology from the high-performance and cost-effective IDIS DirectCX solution and IDIS Center video management software (VMS) to meet their remote monitoring needs. The industry’s most advanced analog HD solution, DirectCX, is based on High Definition Transfer Video Interface (HD-TVI) technology. IDIS incorporated its expertise in image processing to provide unrivaled HD recording performance at an affordable price point for the responsibly cost-conscious City of Whittier. Designed for simplicity, convenience, and performance, the DirectCX technology and the powerful, full-featured IDIS Center VMS incorporated by iNet Security have proved to be optimal components of the comprehensive solution, meeting the challenges faced by the City of Whittier.

The most powerful IDIS HD-TVI DVR, the TR-4116 16 Channel Full HD Recorder, offers:

• Support for HD-TVI, 960H, and analog cameras
• Up to 480ips Full HD recording
• Full HD display with HDMI and VGA output
• Support for CVBS spot monitor
• Long distance transmission over coaxial cable
• Support for HD-TVI camera OSD control over coaxial cable
• Expansion up to 32TB using 4 SATA interfaces and 1 eSATA storage interface
• One click network configuration using IDIS For Every Network (FEN) service



Results and Benefits

Dependable security and emergency response

In partnership with iNet Security and SARC, IDIS has helped to dramatically improve the security environment for the City of Whittier’s water installation and pumping stations. Within the first week of installation, a group of vandals was caught attempting to fault the installation fence and was successfully deterred remotely using SARC’s remote “voice-down” protocol. In a dramatic security and safety success, the system was used to coordinate a fast and effective response to two isolated fires as well as a dangerous wildfire that threatened both the utility and surrounding wildlife. SARC operatives utilized IDIS technology, in part, to accurately and quickly guide first-responders through the remote wilderness to the site of the fires, minimizing damage and risk to the surrounding areas.

Thanks to the power and performance provided by the iNet Security solution, including IDIS DirectCX technology, the City of Whittier is benefiting from:

• Low total cost of ownership
• Unparalleled ease of use through the IDIS Center VMS
• Complete dependability of system components
• Lower system maintenance requirements
• A scalable solution to allow for expansion to additional installation sites

" One of the reasons I personally love working with IDIS is their software. IDIS Center is extremely user friendly and actually works. You can have a million different bells and whistles, but if the equipment does not perform under real security situations, that doesn’t work. IDIS software works very well. "

Chris Kim
Principal Partner, iNet Security