High Performing, Non-intrusive Surveillance for a Luxury Car Dealership

  • IndustryRetail
  • CustomerPorsche Chandler
  • RegionArizona
    (Southwest United States)
  • IDIS PartnerICU\/SARC


Quality, Innovation, and Performance

For more than seven decades, the name Porsche has been synonymous with quality and performance in automobiles. In 2018, the German automaker’s position and recognition around the world is unparalleled among luxury car brands, engendering consumer passion and loyalty that runs from admirers through collectors. Such qualities are proudly shared and returned around by those who represent the brand around the world, emblematic of the brand’s commitment to providing a sales and service experience as effortlessly exceptional as the vehicles themselves.

Such commitment is the order of the day in Chandler, Arizona, where the family-owned and locally operated Porsche Chandler serves brand enthusiasts daily, showcasing a select range of new, certified and pre-owned Porsche models in a 36,500-square-foot facility, beautifully designed to feature both the majesty of the Porsche brand and the surrounding Arizona landscape.



Keeping an Open Retail Environment Secure

In keeping with the tradition of effortless luxury experiences for Porsche customers, the sales environment is designed to facilitate a stress-free browsing, sales, and customer service experience for guests, seeking to offer a perfect balance of staff support for questions and transactions, with space to move and explore inventory and consider options without crowding, hassle, or pressure. The presence of multiple security guards, large visible camera installations, at the levels required to cover the nearly 36,500 square foot indoor/outdoor, multi-level and multi-purpose complex, would not ideally serve the dealership’s commitment to a seamless, low hassle, pleasant, and stress-free sales and customer-service environment.

Porsche Chandler required a next-generation security and surveillance solution that would provide maximum visibility and facilitate full situational awareness by dealership management and security staff, comprehensively protecting both people and property, without unnecessary intrusion.



Recording Quality and Performance Befitting a Legendary Brand

Porsche Chandler is known throughout Arizona for providing exceptional customer experiences, on behalf of a brand known globally for effortless, high-quality performance Scottsdalebased SARC Monitoring designed a security solution to match. Crafting and implementing an innovative virtual guarding solution that brought together powerful military, intelligence, and law enforcement expertise (and best practices) with equally powerful, next-generation surveillance technologies, SARC worked closely with dealership security personnel to comprehensively secure the full dealership space, including all personnel, visitors, around the clock, beyond the reach and capability of traditional manned guarding, video verification, and camera surveillance soutions.

At the heart of SARC’s solution is IDIS technology. New and existing camera installations integrated seamlessly via IDIS’s DirectIP™ line of true plug-and-play network video recorders. IDIS NVRs, designed to eliminate device compatibility issues through the support of multiple industry standards and 3rd party protocols, avoid the most common integration, compatibility, and installation challenges, preventing delays and minimizing downtime. Multiple IDIS DR-8364(F) NVRs provide Porsche Chandler signature high-performance, and a user-friendly surveillance system that fully supports their existing IP camera infrastructure.

The combination of cameras and recorders are installed, integrated with the dealership’s low-profile speaker system, and used by on-site personnel and SARC’s highly trained rapidresponse team of remote monitors to provide edge-to-edge comprehensive surveillance in support of security, analytics, and even business intelligence, including after hours.


Results and Benefits

Seamless Surveillance for a Seamless Customer Experience

SARC Monitoring’s unique and innovative virtual guarding model—which goes beyond traditional remote monitoring and video verification models by leveraging experienced personnel and best practices from the military and law enforcement fields, and incorporates latest-generation, feature-rich video surveillance technologies—now delivers round-the-clock coverage of Porsche Chandler’s sprawling indoor/outdoor complex, exceeding the typical capabilities of traditional security approaches to such spaces, while doing so at a significantly lower cost.

Features enhancing the value and utility of the IDIS DR-8364(F) NVRs toward meeting Porsche Chandler’s security requirements and the needs of SARC Monitoring’s team of 24/7 remote monitoring and rapid response personnel, include the the DR-8364(F)’s support for 64 IP channels of 4K UHD (with a maximum incoming throughput of 900Mbps), meaning that fewer NVRs are needed to support large numbers of cameras now (and as added in the future). Fewer devices mean less time spent on maintenance tasks and reduced complexity of the surveillance system. Support for H.265 with IDIS Intelligent Codec and Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT) further reduces the need for additional bandwidth and storage upgrades, providing up to a 90% reduction in both bandwidth and storage utilization, meaning more data can be transferred on existing cabling and saved in existing storage space.

The included IDIS’s Critical Failover suite of features includes features such as RAID 5 storage redundancy, dual power supply redundancy, and NVR failover (which provides support for a standby NVR that continually monitors the primary NVR, taking over recording if the primary hardware fails), ensuring data integrity and system operation are automatically monitored and maintained, simplifying system support and maintenance tasks. And the intuitive DR-8364(F) NVR interface, common to all IDIS products, minimized installation, training, and transition costs. IDIS’s unusual license-free software model, compatibility guarantees, and industry-leading warranty further minimizes total costs for Porsche Chandler.

" The comprehensive virtual guarding solution helps Porsche Chandler to achieve better security outcomes, keeping the people and property in our care safer than ever while still providing a seamless and non-intrusive customer experience. Our ability to achieve an optimized security posture at a lower total cost than traditional approaches means our dealership can keep security overhead low and invest as much as possible in both the customer experience and making great deals. It’s security as forward-thinking and high performance as our brand. "