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IDIS America Donation Secures The Salvation Army of North Texas

  • IndustryPublic Safety
  • CustomerThe Salvation Army of North Texas
  • RegionTexas, USA
  • IDIS PartnerAckerman Security


Historic charity’s new facility with new security requirements in North Texas

Few charitable enterprises in the United States are as universally recognized, nor as widely respected, as The Salvation Army. Though the ubiquitous bell ringers on corners and in shopping centers during the holiday season may be what Americans are most familiar with, the work the storied faith-based organization does in communities, including North Texas and the Dallas-Forth Worth area is comprehensive and widespread, addressing community concerns ranging from homelessness to substance abuse, financial literacy to youth engagement, and more. In late 2018, The Salvation Army of North Texas acquired a new space and began development of a new facility to house a variety of administrative, training, and community outreach services for the area.


A new and evolving space with changing needs

The new location, acquired from a local church community and co-located for the time being with the church’s congregation, currently offers financial education services. A space in transition, the facility will eventually house a comprehensive service center, featuring administrative offices and spaces for classroom training, music instruction, meetings, and, eventually, sports and other youth programs. The facility’s diverse set of current and planned offerings and the ongoing evolution of the physical space and its method of use required a security infrastructure that was modular, scalable, easy to install, use, maintain, and upgrade as needs changed to maximize the safety and security of employees, volunteers, visitors, and program participants in the multi-faceted space.


Comprehensive, feature-rich, and unobtrusive surveillance

As part of its support for the Dallas-Fort Worth community where it resides, IDIS donated a surveillance solution comprising more than a dozen cameras, as well as recording and storage technologies. These included the company’s award-winning 12MP Super Fisheye, with industry-leading de-warping capability and the company’s Smart UX controls, named a “New Product of the Year” by Security Products upon its debut. Additionally, the donation—supported by the coverage of installation fees by Korea’s trade promotion agency, KOTRA—includes IDIS’s Smart Failover capabilities, and license-free, full-featured VMS IDIS Center, IDIS Mobile remote monitoring and control capability, two-way communication, and expanded storage.

Results and Benefits

Support for a safe and welcoming environment for all

The IDIS surveillance solution enhances monitoring and overall situational awareness at the facility, allowing for the protection of staff and clients, and quick and easy identification of everything from potential security risks to maintenance concerns. Further, the IDIS technology supports the monitoring and tracking of people flows, construction and other projects, and supports data and documentation requirements for the facility’s day to day activities in an unobtrusive, but robust, way.

"Our new surveillance capability gives staff, visitors, and the facility’s neighbors confidence in The Salvation Army of North Texas’s commitment to providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for all. The IDIS technology allows for comprehensive monitoring and awareness, and features like two-way communication and mobile/remote monitoring are of particular benefit to us."

Susan Smith
Salvation Army of North Texas