Ensuring a Safe, Secure, and Seamless Repair and Service Experience

  • IndustryAutomotive
  • CustomerAutobahn Collision
  • RegionArizona, USA
  • IDIS PartnerSARC


Delivering Quality, Performance, and Trust

The experience of high-quality, high-performance automotive engineering and the sleek lines and signature beauty of luxury auto brands like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and more are investments worth protecting. When damage to these vehicles occur and body work is required, only the work of attentive, highly trained, and craftsman technicians owners can trust, will do. Phoenix-area Autobahn Collision serves the region’s owners of luxury European automobiles with precisely such expertise they can trust, and when the time came to upgrade the premier body shop’s security infrastructure, they looked for a surveillance solution able to meet the same high standards of performance they meet every day.


Seamless Integration of New and Existing Technology

Autobahn Collision provides customers with a service and repair experience, well-crafted to be as high-end, responsive, and trustworthy as the luxury vehicles they work on. The body shop’s expectations were no less for their surveillance solution, which needed to seamlessly integrate new and existing technologies in a way that was both easy to use and maintain, allowing for monitoring and documentation, as needed, without distracting from the team members core priority: optimizing customer experiences and quality body work for their customers.


A High-End DirectIP NVR-anchored Surveillance Solution

Scottsdale based integrator SARC Monitoring answered Autobahn’s call with an upgraded virtual guarding solution with IDIS DirectIP network video recorders (NVRs) at the heart, addressing all issues of compatibility and operational concerns. IDIS NVRs, specifically designed to reduce (if not eliminate) compatibility issues, support multiple industry standards and 3rd party protocols. At Autobahn Collision, SARC integrated multiple IDIS DR-8364(F) NVRs in designing a user-friendly surveillance solution that enhanced and fully supporting the shop’s existing IP camera infrastructure.

The IDIS DR-8364(F) series of NVRs have multiple features that enhance the overall ease-of-use and maintainability. The DR-8364(F) supports 64 IP channels of 4K UHD with a maximum incoming throughput of 900Mbps, which means fewer NVRs are needed to support a large installation of cameras. Fewer devices reduce the overall complexity of any solution, by definition, and mean less time spent on installation and maintenance.

The intuitive DR-8364(F) NVR interface, common to all IDIS products, also means that training and transition investment is minimized. IDIS’s license free software model, which also includes free software updates, further minimizes the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an IDIS solution.


Round-the-clock Protection for Luxury Vehicles and More

The upgraded solution allows Autobahn Collision and a team of remote monitors to keep the premises—and the concentration of luxury vehicles, parts, and accessories—secure 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, enabled by the enhanced recording, storage, and failover benefits of the IDIS DirectIP NVRs and IDIS’s modular IDIS Solution Suite VMS. The IDIS DirectIP DR-8364 NVR’s support for H.265 with IDIS Intelligent Codec and Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT) reduces the need for additional bandwidth and storage upgrades, providing up to a 90% reduction in both bandwidth and storage utilization. Additional data can be transferred on existing cabling and saved in existing storage space. Multi-layered data protection through IDIS SmartFailover features include RAID 5 storage redundancy, dual power supply redundancy, and NVR failover, which provides support for a standby NVR that continually monitors the primary NVR (taking over recording if the primary hardware fails). IDIS SmartFailover ensures that data integrity and system operation are automatically monitored and maintained, simplifying system support and maintenance tasks.

Real-time monitoring, playback and review, high-quality imagery for reference and documentation purposes, and more are now seamlessly empowered by the new system, allowing Autobahn to continue doing what it does best of all, meeting and exceeding the needs of the region’s most discerning vehicle owners.