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Enhancing safety and security for a region’s most vulnerable citizens

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A safe and stable place for those in need

Emily’s Place provides essential services to those among their community’s most vulnerable, offering a shared living environment (for up to 24 months) for women and children seeking to permanently break from abusive situations. Through committed and active engagement that includes counselling, case management, internal programs, Emily’s Place empowers residents to map and achieve measurable goals for personal development and the successful transformation of their lives. The facility further connects residents with assistance from partners within the larger community, allowing them to build an essential network of support and partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies and private donors and partners, allow Emily’s Place to be a powerful evolution of the traditional “women’s shelter” model, serving as a bridge for residents to a truly independent and self-sufficient life.


Safeguarding the privacy and ensuring peace of mind

At the core of the Emily’s Place mission is providing a safe and secure space for residents to begin the process of healing and moving forward from a past of abuse and insecurity. The caring staff, supporters, and partners at Emily’s Place work hard to create both a physical and personal environment that allows each resident to regain and retain that sense of security. Essential to supporting that work is a physical security and video surveillance infrastructure that both protects and preserves the physical space and overall environment, and, as a result, allows staff, stakeholders, and residents alike to focus on the work at hand, unconcerned with uncertainties regarding physical security. Emily’s Place required latest-generation surveillance technology that was easy to install, use, and maintain, so that their mission could always be their primary focus. And they required a comprehensive surveillance installation that would allow them complete situational awareness, with the ability to monitor, document, and even mitigate any potential security concerns swiftly and without disruption.


Technology in partnership to ensure safety and security

As part of the IDIS “Create a Better World” campaign, IDIS partnered with KOTRA, the Korean national trade promotion agency, and security integrator Integrated Lifestyles to design and implement, at no cost to Emily’s Place, a surveillance infrastructure able to best support the needs of staff, residents, and visitors, and provide a maximum sense of security in support of the healing and growth process for each resident. To do this, IDIS donated a complete surveillance solution from comprehensive end-to-end Total Solution and the company’s award-wining DirectIP and Compact Solution lines, including NVRs, HD surveillance cameras, switches, and software, free of recurring licensing fees and equipped with industry-leading warranties and compatibility guarantees.


Peace of mind that keeps the focus on the mission

Essential to the work Emily’s Place does is the provision of a safe and secure living, childcare, and service environment for the women and children they serve. IDIS’s donation of the surveillance system in partnership with KOTRA, who covered installation costs, Emily’s Place was able to avoid the traditional expense associated with comprehensive surveillance solutions, and retain dollars for uses more directly beneficial to its residents. IDIS’s signature ease of installation and use (combined with the company’s strong scalability, compatibility, and warranty guarantees, cost-free software, and lack of recurring licensing fees) further alllows Emily’s Place is able to keep more of its attention and resources—human and financial—squarely focused on its mission. The new surveillance solution allows for expanded situational awareness, 24/7 monitoring in high definition, the ability to review and document incidents (should they occur) and provides an opportunity for real-time intervention and mitigation of concerns before they become incidents, keeping staff, partners, visitors, and residents alike as safe and secure as possible.

Emily’s Place is valuable part of their community, providing essential, transformative services to some of the area’s most vulnerable residents. Donations by IDIS and KOTRA as part of the “Create a Better World” campaign, support this important work by enhancing the overall safety and security of the facility and work.