User-friendly video technology allows ward-by-ward monitoring for NHS health trust

  • IndustryHealthcare
  • CustomerBluebird House (Southern Health NHS Trust)
  • RegionUnited Kingdom
  • IDIS PartnersGaleco Communications


Mental healthcare centre looks to improve patient care and safety

Bluebird House is a specialist UK inpatient facility, providing treatment and care for young people with complex mental health problems which mean they pose a risk to themselves or others.

Run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, the centre also houses adolescents detained under the Mental Health Act, so the highest standards of care, protection and security are required.

As part of a wider review of security and safety across the trust, Bluebird House was earmarked for a comprehensive video surveillance upgrade and IDIS technology was chosen as the best-fit for this major project.


Secure and easy to use, with multiple viewing stations

Video surveillance is a key resource for clinicians, sr. managers and security staff at Bluebird House as they need to work closely together to deal with incidents and reduce risks of harm. Improved video coverage was needed as it would allow ongoing review of care standards and full investigation of any alleged incidents.

Patient privacy is also of paramount importance, so specialist integrator Galeco Communications was selected to implement a solution that would allow authorised monitoring and access of footage for specific rooms and wards. IDIS technology made this easy, and it was also the quickest and least disruptive to install, the most secure against cyber-attacks - in compliance with NHS requirements – and yet would deliver the lowest total cost of ownership(TCO). Replacing the centre’s ageing camera system, the IDIS solution would give complete coverage of corridors, wardsand other high-risk areas in all lighting conditions.


Complete site coverage and perimeter protection

Galeco engineers installed 110 IDIS 12MP Super Fisheye cameras in communal and therapeutic areas inside the facility and over 40 bullets and 13 PTZ cameras cover the exterior. All the cameras are connected to six 32-channel NVRs and managed via IDIS Center video management software (VMS).

All IDIS equipment uses true plug-and-play set up, which minimised disruption and disturbance to patients, while protection against gaps in footage is provided by IDIS Smart Failover ensuring 24/7 continued recording even during network instability or drop-out.

Implemented across three secure wards and two high care units, the 12MP IR Super Fisheyes provide comprehensive coverage much more affordably than two or more fixed lens cameras. Advanced IDIS video capture technology delivers complete high-definition scene coverage in all lighting conditions and allows staff to de-warp in live view as well as playback.

The 5MP bullet cameras, deployed around the building exteriors provide coverage of gardens, courtyards and car parks. IR LED that allows night-time image capture at distances up to 30m and includes intelligent func-tions such as active tampering alarms and trip zones and will notify the security team to any breach.

IDIS 31x Zoom IR PTZ cameras are installed along the perimeter to provide clear night-time image capture at distances up to 200m. Each camera is set to perform virtual guard tours at specific times throughout the day and night. Featuring automatic object detection, the cameras recognise and automatically track objects, people or cars capturing useful footage and alert operators of any suspicious activity.

To meet patient privacy requirements, access to live and recorded footage, is limited to staff according to their ward and role. Staff can only view and review footage from their area of responsibility at designated monitoring stations using specialist IDIS monitors designed forhigh-performance surveillance operations.

To meet future requirements, the new IDIS solution can be linked to the trust’s local area networks (LANs) without increasing cyber- security concerns, thanks to IDIS’s use of proprietary software which is inherently resilient.

The totally cost-free IDIS Center video management software (VMS) gives security managers and senior staff a complete overview of the entire site from a 24/7 manned and centralised control room. Using the intuitive IDIS Center interface, operators have complete command and control of each camera and access to advanced features and functionality to ensure the secure and smooth day-to-day running of the site.

Results and Benefits

Improved care standards and safety for patients and staff

The IDIS solution has improved security, safety and care at Bluebird House by providing a complete video record of events. Footage from the 12MP Super Fisheye cameras give a full 360 view without any blind spots with a choice of 6 view modes and crucially provides staff with the ability to de-warp footage retrospectively. Now, if incidents need to be investigated it’s a simple task to retrieve video and provide any high-definition evidence required.

Exterior cameras ensure better safety and security in outdoor comm- unal areas, while security operators can quickly detect and respond to any suspicious activity on the perimeter.

"A key benefit for us is that this new system is so easy to use, and particularly for our clinical staff who can now access and review recordings to help them improve patient care. This video technology gives us extra confidence that our patients and staff are safe and protected."

Tracey Edwards
Head of Security at Southern Health NHS Trust

With minimal disruption, and working in this sensitive location, Galeco engineers were able to replace an outdated system with an affordable, high-performance, cybersecure solution that is easy to maintain and operate without any ongoing license fees.