Leading Belgian DIY retailer drives growth with infrastructure and video upgrade

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  • CustomerSafti
  • RegionBelgium
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Safti’s third generation at the helm looks to streamline operations for a new era

A successful family business for over 40 years, Safti has grown to become the largest home improvement and DIY store in East Flanders. Serving both trade and domestic customers, with over 50,000 branded items, the company is now on track for further growth as the founder’s granddaughter Barbara Braekman takes the helm. But to streamline operations, and to meet the challenges of a rapidly, evolving retail environment, a complete upgrade of the store’s IT network and electrical infrastructure was needed – and in particular, a transformation of video security capability.


Security hampered by video blind spots and poor performance

The store’s old video system had been expanded and added to over the years, but its performance had become disappointing, with poor image quality, and no easy overview of the site. The system lacked a user-friendly VMS to make surveillance operations efficient, and security was also compromised by blind spots, with many areas of the store - including corners, aisles and points where shelving disrupted views – not reached by the cameras. External areas were not covered either, including outbuildings, the customer parking area and ‘drive-in’ facility.

Leading systems integrator Vermeulen was consulted and organized a demonstration of IDIS DirectIP®. After impressive image-capture capability was proven on-site, a complete, end-to-end IDIS solution was chosen for the store upgrade.


IDIS end-to-end solution with Super Fisheyes ensures comprehensive coverage

Vermeulen specified IDIS Super Fisheye cameras as the best-value solution to the problem of blind spots. Installing just 20 cameras they achieved comprehensive area coverage, internally and externally, more affordably than using three or four times the number of fixed lens models. The Super Fisheyes’ exceptional dewarping performance, in live view and playback, delivers ultra-high-definition video footage even in darkness and recordings are not compromised by loss of detail, even at the very periphery of the scene.

Four IDIS bullet cameras ensure 24/7 coverage of the car park entry and exit points and drive-in area, while 17 IDIS vandal-resistant 2MP domes cover all the checkouts and store entrances. IDIS DirectIP technology allowed the cameras to be set up with simple one-click connection to a 64 channel 4K IDIS NVR. Thanks to the advanced video data compression provided by IDIS Intelligent Codec, this single NVR provides ample storage capacity and delivers exceptional throughput and processing performance.

At the heart of the system is the enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS, combining a rich feature set with easy-to-use video monitoring, management, and administration tools from a single user interface. With ISS, Safti benefits from multi-layered failover, protecting against data loss in the event of network instability, and a range of increasingly powerful video analytics.

And ISS gives Safti the best total cost of ownership (TCO) with no annual licence fees, no camera connection fees, and no hidden charges for functions that aren’t being used.

IDIS and Vermeulen worked in close partnership at every stage, from the initial on-site tech demo through to delivering training for Safti’s staff, and ensuring continuous long-term support.

Results and Benefits

Upgraded video system pays for itself in under a year

Safti’s investment in this advanced IDIS video solution paid for itself within the first year, with reductions in losses and operational efficiency gains. Fewer cameras were needed, thanks to the greater coverage capability of the Super Fisheyes, a single, powerful IDIS NVR, and rapid one-click installation, meant Vermeulen reduced upfront costs.

Vermeulen designed the solution to let Safti take advantage of IDIS tech’s flexibility and scalability, for example providing easy options to add more cameras, adopt ANPR, extend image retention periods, and take advantage of advanced remote viewing and security management using the IDIS Mobile Plus app.

And further reducing TCO, the solution gives Safti the assurance of industry-beating warranties against product failure, and forward and backward tech compatibility.

"Safti is delighted with the IDIS video solution that we’ve provided because it’s not just improving security but helping to deliver a better customer experience. Managing Director Barbara Braekman has praised our choice of video tech, our service, and our aftercare as ‘impeccable’."

Peter Vermeulen

Owner, Vermeulen