IDIS end-to-end video with 12MP Fisheyes underpins vital ongoing transformation of care at three Southern Health NHS sites

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Video proven to improve mental healthcare outcomes, now system expansion is needed 

As part of its ongoing programme to improve care outcomes for adolescent and adult mental health patients, Southern Health NHS Trust is continuing to invest in modernising its facilities across Hampshire. Careful and sensitive use of video surveillance, under the leadership of award-winning security manager Tracey Edwards, has been a key part of the Trust’s success so far. The phased roll-out of upgrades and new-build CCTV across residential and out-patient treatment centres, including medium-secure units for vulnerable patients, is a key part of the Trust’s work is to achieve successful outcomes for patients by preparing them to return home and re-enter the community.


Maintaining and building on surveillance successes as resource pressures grow

Thanks to far-reaching reform and an investment programme over the last four years, Southern Health has overcome problems that were previously persistent. Enhanced ability to record, investigate and verify activity, without blind-spots or gaps in footage, has delivered major benefits including improved clinical team performance, reductions in staff absence pending incident investigations, and more positive behaviour cycles for many patients. Now, at a time of growing pressure on financial resources combined with increased demand for mental healthcare services, the Trust’s challenge is to maintain and build on its successes, with three further facilities needing high performance video: College Keep, Bridge Centre, and Crowlin House.

Triple Star Security was asked to install IDIS video at all three sites, with affordable end-to-end solutions that included everything needed: cameras, NVRs, VMS, monitors, and accessories.


Camera combination protects grounds, car parks and key internal areas

 Triple Star installed a combination of IDIS 12MP IR Super Fisheye cameras and 5MP IR T3533HRX bullet cameras at College Keep and Bridge Centre, both of which are administrative facilities with some out-patient consulting rooms. Internally, the Super Fisheyes provide comprehensive coverage of public areas, corridors, and staircases, while externally the bullet cameras overlook car parks and entrances.

Crowlin House is a residential care facility with 18 beds, designed as an open environment where patients can benefit from increased social interaction and self-esteem as they improve daily living skills prior to moving back into the community. Here, cameras primarily monitor external and reception areas, with an IDIS decoder enabling video to be viewed live from a spot monitor at the front desk, without giving receptionists access to recorded footage.

The Super Fisheyes enable comprehensive area surveillance more affordably than the alternative of using three or four times the number of fixed lens units. Outstanding dewarping performance, in live view and playback, provides exceptionally crisp ultra-high-definition video footage and recordings are not compromised by blind spots or loss of detail, even at the very periphery of the scene. The bullet cameras ensure sharp image capture 24/7, including at night at distances up to 30m, thanks to built-in IR. IDIS’s NDAA-compliant cameras also benefit from intelligent functions such as active tampering alarms, motion detection, auto-tracking, and trip zones.

Results and Benefits

Best performance and low TCO ensure continuing strategy delivery 

Southern Health is continuing its improved care delivery strategy, with IDIS video playing a crucial role. Reception staff have full visual awareness over car parks, entrances, grounds and key internal areas, and a complete video record of events is available for whenever incidents need to be investigated. The IDIS Center VMS lets authorised staff access footage from workstations around the site, with video tools available to staff according to their location and role.

IDIS DirectIP technology enabled true plug-and-play set up, which made implementation quick and trouble free, and the single source end-to-end supply model ensured full compatibility without unexpected installation glitches.

The completed system is protected by the industry leading IDIS Ultimate Warranty, and this, together with no ongoing licence fees, gives Southern Health the full benefit of low total cost of ownership.

Following the success of these latest projects, Triple Star will now be implementing IDIS video solutions at further sites for Southern Health, including a medium-secure mental healthcare unit where patient care requirements are more challenging.

"With these three successful projects IDIS video continues to underpin our efforts to improve standards of care. We have demanding requirements for our CCTV systems, and IDIS technology is delivering one hundred percent."

Tracey Edwards

Head of Security at Southern Health NHS Trust