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Historic estate, with golf course, hotel, and spa, benefits from streamlined IDIS video across four-thousand-acre grounds

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Video is essential for maintaining guest safety and security, with a full record of activities

A quintessential English golf course set in a country estate that dates back to the 18th century, today sits at the heart of a local countryside economy, with businesses including commercial and residential property lettings, a hotel, spa, and golf resort.

The estate covers 4,000 acres and comprises an 18-hole championship course, a boutique hotel, stately home, multiple buildings housing conference rooms, restaurants, and therapy facilities that are dispersed across an extensive area with various vehicle and pedestrian access points.

The estate offers an idyllic location for golfers, travellers looking for relaxing weekend breaks, and a stunning English country garden open to the public during the spring to summer months. With a large and diverse estate attracting couples and families, video surveillance across facilities and entrance and exit points has long been seen as essential to maintaining guest safety and security, along with an easily searchable record of activities.




A more streamlined solution with increased coverage was needed, as the old system reached the end of its life

The estate’s existing video system, which comprised a mix of IP and analogue cameras, continued to perform well after seven years’ service - however it needed upgrading to allow increased coverage, to provide more storage capacity, and to improve ease of use.

Surveillance had been handled up to this point by separate and unconnected satellite systems – covering the hotel, the golf club, the gates, and the main estate - making the task of reviewing and retrieving footage, as well as maintenance and management, unnecessarily complex.

In addition, although LPR was being used to record arrivals at the estate – guests, staff, and contractors – it provided only incomplete data, as it only captured licence plates and did not provide overview images or show vehicle occupants.

IDIS integration partner IES Security was asked to deliver a modernised solution, streamlining, and integrating the existing systems while addressing gaps in coverage and adding new flexibility for the future.




Powerful recorders, and licence-free IDIS Center VMS, allow system expansion across upgraded network infrastructure.

IES installed new network infrastructure, including a point-to-point fibre link between the golf estate and the hotel. This allowed the separate systems to be integrated and operated as one.

Six NVR recorders previously used were replaced by two IDIS DR-2300 series NVRs and 8MP dome and bullet cameras. The new NVRs feature IDIS Intelligent Codec providing significantly increased storage capacity without increasing costs, while H.265/H.264 dual codec supported UHD display on older screens, which meant the operations team didn’t to need to upgrade its monitors or mobile devices. The recorders handle a total incoming throughput of 270 Mbps and up to 240ips UHD real-time recording, and with IDIS DirectIP® connection ensuring easy set-up with instant operability, they also offered the flexibility to integrate third-party cameras.

The VMS used by the estate, IDIS Center, is license-free and includes all the essential live view, playback, export, and control tools that make it easy for authorised operators to manage surveillance operations centrally. IDIS Center comes totally cost free allowing more cameras to be added in the future without the estate incurring any connection or maintenance fees.



Results and Benefits

Powerful solution delivers advanced monitoring and investigation capabilities

This stunning golf course and estate now has the assurance of UHD video coverage of key areas, with a VMS that is easy to use thanks to intuitive controls that do not require specialist knowledge or training. IDIS Smart Failover technology ensures that footage is protected against data loss in the event of network instability or failure. And the system offers an industry-best low total cost of ownership, with a minimal maintenance burden and protection against equipment failure provided by the IDIS Ultimate warranty.

Looking ahead, new deep learning analytics capabilities can now be easily added to the solution, thanks to a range of IDIS AI options including edge cameras and plug-in AI boxes. By providing up to 98% accurate alerts this will support the estate in improving guest services, for example with automated notifications to reception staff when pre-registered vehicles arrive. The estate’s operations team can now look toward a more proactive approach to security and safety with alarms for virtual line cross, intrusion, and suspicious loitering as well as actional business intelligence such as people counting, heat maps, and queue management across bars and reception areas and ensure the best possible guest experience.


"The upgraded IDIS video system has given the golf course, and all its luxury facilities, the assurance of a solution that will give robust service for years to come. With it, the estate can be confident of providing guests with enhanced security and safety, and the most efficient possible service."


James Moody
Integrated Electronic Security