IDIS Receives National Productivity Award Presidential Citation

Global video surveillance manufacturer IDIS has received National Productivity Award presidential citation at the 42nd National Productivity Competition held by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and run by the Korea Productivity Center at COEX, Seoul.

The National Productivity Award is a government reward for corporations, organizations and individuals that have shown representative productive activities resulting in successful business outcomes.

IDIS won the award because of its custom-designed IDIS Smart Factory that perfectly matches its business characteristics. IDIS has been able to build a manufacturing facility with a flexible production system utilizing big data that can modularize and refine its production processes. As a result, IDIS was able to increase its productivity, strengthen innovation, and offer its valuable experience to customers.

All of the processes in the IDIS Smart Factory are computerized, from material warehousing to management, production, function tests and even packaging, resulting in increased productivity. In addition, real-time production planning, cause-of-defect analysis, and tracking were able to be achieved by breaking down process histories.

With the computerization of the automatic processes in the IDIS Smart Factory, if a certain product is missing materials or doesn’t pass a functionality test, it does not proceed to the next stage. This blocks any possible defects, enhancing customer satisfaction by improving quality and creating products that can be massively customized.

This National Productivity Award recognizes IDIS’ innovative technology worldwide, raising the company’s value on the global stage.

IDIS CEO Y. D. Kim said, “It is rewarding to see the IDIS Smart Factory, which has taken years of effort to build, receive this prize,” adding, “Awarded as the leading 4th Industrial Revolution company, IDIS will continue to strive to be the best global video surveillance manufacturer and make an impact in the AI industry by utilizing its technology.

Invitation: IDIS Booth on ICE 2014
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