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Q2 2021 EMEA Version
Enterprise-Level VMS Packs New Features – Without the Associated Price Tag

We are excited to confirm three feature additions to our modular and scalable VMS, IDIS Solution Suite, at no additional cost. Users can speed up investigations from hours to minutes with just a few clicks using IDIS Person Match. The highly accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine extracts a person’s characteristic from multiple video streams, to compile a timeline of events and last known location. This automates the collection of forensic evidence, eliminating the need and time to later sort through hours of recorded video. The new Events Notification Center allows users to centrally manage multiple audio devices and initiate communications including verbal warnings, emergency notifications, and two-way audio across disparate, and multiple sites. Users can also configure text-to-speech alerts in response to an array of events picked up by cameras and sensors. So timely messages can be sent to staff remotely monitoring unmanned sites for example. For applications where security and safety are mission critical, users can also integrate radios to get alerts to responders to initiative faster, better-coordinated incident responses. And a major first from IDIS is Synchronized Playback, which presents operators with precisely time synched views of IDIS recorded video on single screens or video walls from multiple cameras. This gives users a time critical overview of any incident. Edge cameras with SD cards, or those connected to analog or network recorders, are rarely all precisely time synched particularly when they are implemented across different locations. Synchronized Playback now eliminates of need for operators to manually adjust the timelines on each camera or recorder, saving precious time. This feature becomes a force multiplier in speeding up verification, apprehension of suspects, and investigations when combined IDIS Instant Meta Filtering and Person Match.

IDIS and Inner Range Partnership Expands Integration Options for Enterprise Projects

Demand for more powerful, flexible but simple integrated security and site management solutions is being met by a new technology tie-up between IDIS and Australian-headquartered Inner Range. The collaboration brings together IDIS’s end-to-end video offering with Inner Range’s enterprise-level access control and intruder detection system Integriti, giving end-users everything they need for more efficient and productive control of their security, safety, and building systems from a single management platform. IDIS’s DirectIP® range of NVRs and cameras is easy to integrate with Integriti, with a simple three-step installation process. The partnership is already proving its value with small to enterprise-level sites in key regional markets, including retail, office space, healthcare, and local government projects.

IDIS Expands its NDAA-Compliant Range

Meeting NDDA compliance and global regulations and standards is a concern for systems integrators and end users worldwide. IDIS is now shipping an extensive range of powerful, Korean-made bullet, dome, and fisheye cameras and 8- to 64-channel recorders. These are all NDDA compliant, inherently cybersecure, and come with built-in failover. Together with a choice of video management software and 98% accurate deep-learning powered analytics, IDIS is giving customers the assurance and trust they need, while maintaining an industry-beating low total cost of ownership. So, we are delighted that one of our most popular cameras, the multi award-winning 12MP IR Super Fisheye camera, is now available globally. It benefits users with its Smart UX Controls, which enables silky smooth PTZ controls and dewarping, and six dynamic view mode dewarping, and gives end users the assurance they of continuous seamless recording with IDIS Smart Failover.

Despite the Hype, Customers Are Rightly Cautious About VSaaS Costs

There’s been much debate recently about the rise of cloud video, or VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service). But end-users need to beware the hype. As Jeff Montoya, IDIS Sales Director, writes in his latest blog, there are a number of concerns with the emerging technology which are preventing the levels of adoption that some vendors have predicted, and which the end-user needs to consider very carefully. For most customers it’s likely that hybrid models using a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems will prove to be the best option for some time to come.

Confirmation of H.265 Licensing Across Entire IDIS Range

As video users globally pay closer attention to manufacturing origins, cybersecurity, and standards-compliance of their video systems, IDIS can confirm that it has HVEC Advance and H.265 MPEG patent licenses for all its hardware, with licenses dating back to cover all installed systems. IDIS was among the first manufacturers to deliver the benefits of H.265 compression to the market combined with its own advanced compression technology, IDIS Intelligent Codec, typically saving users up to 70% on storage and bandwidth. This approach means that IDIS users were among the first to benefit from ultra-high-definition surveillance, while ensuring fast incident response, smoother searches and minimized distortion when reviewing complex scenes, even from mobile devices.

How Today’s Video Is Protecting Retail Profits, Not Adding Costs

Non-essential retail has now opened across Europe, following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. But as customers return, so does one of the age-old challenges facing the sector: shrinkage. In 2020, the Retail Crime Survey from the British Retail Consortium estimated that internal and external losses amounted to £1 billion (1.16 bn Euros) a year. The good news from the security industry is that systems integrators and video tech vendors are better placed than ever to help. In this blog, Reiss Spear, regional sales manager, IDIS Europe, explores the affordable, easy to use, rapidly deployable video tools available to retailers to minimize loss and protect profitability.

Vote Now for the IDIS AI Box (DV-2232) in the Benchmark Innovation Awards!

Voting is now open for the Benchmark Innovation Awards, which are designed to recognize and reward technologies, solutions, services, and products in the security industry which advance the benefits available from smart solutions. The IDIS AI Box (DV-2232) has been nominated in the Business Intelligence category. Although the AI Box was introduced rapidly during the pandemic to boost essential infection risk-reduction efforts, the technology was specifically designed to deliver real long-term value after those risks subside. For example, its people-counting and heatmapping functions will give brick-and-mortar retailers better insight into customer behavior, particularly when integrated with point-of-sale systems. For facilities managers, it supports return-to-work strategies, helping them understand and optimize the way their buildings are used. Please support IDIS - vote at:

Why Customers Win When Regulations Are Tightened

These days, there’s a growing list of regulations and compliance boxes that need to be ticked but, as Dennis Choi, General Manager, IDIS Middle East & Africa, considers in this blog, the improved standards that come with compliance should be welcomed. In fact, regulations are not about ‘box ticking’, they’re about making sure that systems are truly fit for purpose and that they don’t fail on a growing list of metrics now regarded as non-negotiable. Regulations steer vendors to consider a wide range of issues such as image quality, data storage robustness, system reliability, privacy laws and cybersecurity. Under such scrutiny, good vendors, and systems integrators up their game - and customers can only benefit.

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