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Q3 2021 EMEA Version
IDIS Solution Suite v3.5 Makes VMS More Powerful and Affordable

We are delighted to announce the release of IDIS Solution Suite version 3.5, our most powerful enterprise-class VMS yet. New features and service modules are designed to increase situational awareness, improve incident coordination, and speed up investigations. The new Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) module offers seamless and stable video and voice relay to third-party devices and software without an SDK or API. New centralized audio functionality enables control of multiple devices, giving security teams the capability to configure audio alerts for predetermined day-to-day events and issue verbal warnings. And to speed up investigations, IDIS Person Match extracts a person’s characteristics based on deep-learning video analytics from multiple streams to present a clear timeline of events and last known locations. ISS is flexible and affordable too. IDIS’s modular approach means there’s no need to pay ongoing software licenses, device connection fees, or charges for video functions customers don’t need or use. As a result, ISS continues to cut annual costs for customers, making advanced video management available to more users, including medium-sized organizations and those with single sites.

YMCA choose IDIS to protect vital community services and accommodation

End-to-end IDIS surveillance has been chosen by the YMCA Heart of England to enhance the safety of staff and service users and increase security of property and assets. Following a successful upgrade at an 80-room facility in Birmingham, IDIS partner Unison Integrated Technology, was asked to upgrade two further sites in Coventry and Northfield. Unison completed all three projects in just four weeks without distribution to day-to-day operations, replacing legacy cabling and installing a range of IDIS 2MP dome and bullets, while retaining third-party legacy cameras. Connected to 32-channel NVRs each system is operated smoothly using the cost-free IDIS Center VMS. Staff, volunteers and residents are benefiting from improved safeguarding and efficiency, and charity is now working with Unison to upgrade to IDIS video across all its sites in the West Midlands.

IDIS Cloud Manager Puts Remote Video Management At Your Fingertips

More and more IDIS customers are discovering how easy and secure it is to remotely access and manage their video security using IDIS Cloud Manager (ICM). Now, in just four simple steps, you can connect your facilities to the cloud and start monitoring your video surveillance in a straightforward, intuitive interface from any device 24 hours a day. You can view live and recorded footage using silky-smooth PTZ controls and live fisheye dewarping, receive real-time alarms, carry out equipment health checks, save video clips or take screen shots. All of this is available at no additional cost; what’s more, users benefit from ongoing automatic updates, including new features delivered smoothly from the cloud. Watch the video to find out more, then speak to your local IDIS account manager to get started today.

IDIS Wins Prestigious Industry Award for its AI COVID Solution

We are thrilled that the IDIS AI COVID Box (DV-2322) has won the prestigious Security Today New Product of the Year Award. The program honours the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security. The DV-2232, a simple add-on appliance which is compatible with existing IDIS cameras and NVRs, was launched at the peak of the 2020 pandemic to enable building and retailers to remain open and to keep visitors and staff safe. The AI Box, powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine with its industry-leading 98% accuracy, includes four powerful video analytics tools - social distancing monitoring; people counting and occupancy monitoring; crowd detection; and face mask-wearing detection - that can be used both to automate COVID-safe working and to help businesses optimize premises use.

IDIS Extends Choice of NDAA-Compliant Cameras

We’re excited to announce that we have extended our range of Korean-made HD and UHD cameras, giving systems integrators and end users a great choice of affordable, NDAA-compliant solutions for businesses of all sizes. The new line up has all the benefits of IDIS’s signature DirectIP® plug-and-play connection to a choice of NVRs or servers, and comes with IR, true WDR, IDIS Smart Failover and alarm in/out, with options for two-way audio and vandal resistance. Users can choose the IDIS Center VMS for up to 1,024 devices or IDIS Solution Suite for larger or multi-site businesses, both of which have a simple one-off payment structure with no recurring licence fees, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). IDIS gives the assurance of Korean design and manufacturing; fast, seamless installation; industry-leading warranties; multi-layered cybersecurity protection; and respect for international licences and regulations.

CAPEX and OPEX… and the Reasons Why Our Business Is Doing So Well

Dave Stokes, Divisional Director at specialist systems integrator, Hall & Kay Security Engineering, has written a guest blog looking at why customers are increasingly examining the issue of OPEX (operational expenditure) in security systems. They are no longer willing to accept high ongoing licence fees, plus additional costs every time a new camera is added to their network or for features they don’t need. He argues that everything a customer pays for should clearly be seen up front, and that nothing they buy should be hidden or hard to use. He recommends to his customers the modern, fairer IDIS business model, which offers transparent, one-off payments and the ability to pick and choose system functionality. The end-to-end model, with single-source supply of all the cameras, NVRs and peripheral devices needed for an installation, results in plug-and-play implementation, streamlined cybersecurity and a clear line of accountability.

Canterbury Cathedral Chooses IDIS Video Tech

IDIS video technology has been chosen to protect a new Visitor Centre at Canterbury Cathedral, part of a £24.6 million renovation project transforming the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kent, England. The cathedral security team needed a solution that would be affordable and easy-to-use and allow for comprehensive real-time monitoring, while ensuring reliable recording without data loss. And because it was part of a much wider project, the video technology also had to be fast and easy to install. The end-to-end solution, implemented by Hall & Kay Security Engineering, encompasses network cameras, NVRs and IDIS Center VMS selected to blend discreetly with the centre’s architecture without detracting from the visitor experience. It provides efficient and cybersecure video surveillance with industry-leading extended warranties, no ongoing licensing fees and a low total cost of ownership.

Deploying and Adapting Video to Tackle New Weather Risks

Extreme weather events have always happened but, as we have seen around the world this summer, they are becoming more frequent and less predictable as weather patterns destabilise. Adapting to these new risks and building resilience are going to become increasingly important for security and facilities managers. In this blog, Jamie Barnfield, Senior Sales Director, IDIS Europe, explains how today’s generation of increasingly powerful video technology can help develop corporate preparedness. Remote video monitoring of vulnerable locations, for example, provides valuable early warning of impending problems which helps companies prepare for, and respond faster to, adverse events. AI-enabled video analytics provide a rapid automated assessment of risks: the same analytics used for line-cross detection, for example, can be adapted to detect rising water levels at key sites at risk from flooding. It’s little wonder that AI video is on track to be a powerful asset in the fight against climate change.

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