Next Generation of Transit Video Surveillance

Total Cost of Ownership
Reliability with Proven Best Practices
Commitment to Excellence

Total Cost of Ownership

When strategizing your transit video surveillance investment, remember that the bid price is just a part of the bigger picture. Operating costs can differ significantly, so it's crucial to consider factors beyond procurement alone. Discover effective strategies to leverage capital grants and minimize ongoing expenses for optimized long-term value.

Reliability with Proven Best Practices

Effective equipment maintenance planning is crucial for peak performance and uninterrupted uptime. Our comprehensive system includes best practices tailored to enhance the performance and reliability of mobile video surveillance setups.

Commitment to Excellence

Unlocking the potential of purpose-driven system design and support, our team brings decades of experience in system engineering and software development. Our commitment to true R&D ensures that we not only deliver top-notch support for past installations but also future-proof, innovative solutions that elevate your business to new heights.


IDIS Americas Introduces Innovative I-Mobile Transit Video Security Solution

IDIS Americas, a new IDIS business unit formed from the recent merger of IDIS America and Costar Technologies, announces the launch of its new I-Mobile System, ushering in a new era of advanced transit video surveillance. The new solution delivers high-performance 4K video resolution, ease of scalability and a highly intuitive user interface, providing high performance mobile security to inesses that operate transit and fleet companies.

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Transforming Transit Safety Inside The Bus And On The Road

Mass transit and fleet operators have a multitude of metrics they need to constantly monitor to best ensure passenger and driver safety and ensure that every vehicle is built to deliver maximum profitability. In addition to the fixed cost of scheduled maintenance and repairs, the invariable costs associated with daily operations can be considerable – especially in relation to unforeseen liabilities that can be incurred from physical damage to vehicles or worse, to passengers and personnel due to accidents or incidents.

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I-Mobile System supports up to 4K live and records up to 16 Channels

Easy Installation

I-Mobile System enables true plug and play installation. IDIS’s proprietary, automated set of protocols, including AutoIP, multicast DNS, and DNS service directory techniques ensure fast deployments without in-depth knowledge of IP networking.


Based on IDIS’s proprietary multimedia file system, iBankDB, I-Mobile System supports stable multi-channel video recording and outstanding search performance. In addition, storage devices that implement the iBank solution cannot be read by external devices such as PCs, keeping the data safe from forgery and alterations.


I-Mobile System provides intuitive GUI that lets you operate and manage your on-board surveillance system more easily and quickly


The scale of I-Mobile System combined with IDIS Solution Suite is not measurable because any number of services can be coupled to one solution and federated by multiple services.


I-Mobile System software, hardware, products, and technology excel in maintaining robust interoperability across modern and legacy systems, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and functionality between newer and previous system standards, models, or versions.

The IDIS Ultimate Warranty


Quality Designed and Engineered

For the Needs of Transit Buses and Bus Manufacturers

I-Mobile Cameras

Compact and Designed by Purpose Quad Streams and Non-Linear Transmission Stream (NLTS) support

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I-Mobile System 4K Recorders

Record in dual tracks for the highest quality 4K video, with long-term video streaming capabilities and built-in power control and IDIS exclusive system reliability features.

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I-Mobile Accessories

Comprehensive range of accessories designed for the transit bus video surveillance system

IDIS Solution Suite

From small to large fleet size for services tailored to your needs, devices, and user management

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