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IDIS Solution Suite

IDIS Solution Suite

Modular and Scalable Next Generation VMS

- Centralised monitoring service covering small
  to large business

- Multiple tab basis for easy and powerful
  operation with multiple monitors

- Thorough event management by event
  forwarding, acknowledgement, notifications
  and live popup

- Intuitive user interface minimizing mouse and
  keyboard control

- Simultaneous remote upgrade for multiple

- Monitoring status of all registered devices
  at a glance

- Simplest map registration, but diverse
  * Simple drag and drop registration
  * Path sequence and auto focusing of event
     triggered location

- Optimising network bandwidth by dynamic
  multi-stream control and multi-view (ROI)



IDIS Solution Suite


Type of Deployment

ISS Compact : Single server

ISS Expert : Multi server integration

ISS Expert Add on : Multi server integration

Number of Connected Camera

ISS Compact : 32

ISS Expert : 1024

ISS Expert Add on :Unlimited

Number of Recording Camera

ISS Compact : 32

ISS Expert : 4,8,16,32,68,64,128,256,1024 at Maximum

ISS Expert Add on : Unlimited


ISS Compact : Free

ISS Expert : License Key

ISS Expert Add on : License Key server authentication
for each services

Supported Devices

ISS Compact : IDIS network cameras

ISS Expert : IDIS network cameras, NVR, third-party cameras

ISS Expert Add on : IDIS network cameras, NVR, third-party cameras

[Software]  IDIS Solution Suite Compact v2.9.1

[Software]  IDIS Solution Suite Compact v2.9.0

[Brochure]  IDIS Solution Suite v1.3

[Brochure]  IDIS Solution Suite(v7.0,eng)

[Manual]  IDIS Solution Suite Federation Manual v2.8.0

[Manual]  IDIS Solution Suite Expert Manual v2.8

[Manual]  IDIS Solution Suite Compact Manual v2.9

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