90 Accessory Q. How many NVRs can be registered to one DD-1116? 2017-05-17

Up to 4 NVRs can be registered to one DD-1116. 

One NVR can be registered to multiple DD-1116. In DirectIP mode, an NVR is able to interwork with up to three units of DD-1116, but in IDIS protocol mode, an NVR can only be linked to one DD-1116. 

89 Accessory Q. What are the Video profile requirements for video analytics in DV-1104? 2017-05-17

- Resolution:

The width of an image should be 512 or higher. For example, images with 360x240 resolution will not be properly analyzed by the VA box and it will occur many false alarms. 


- Images per second:

10 or higher ips are required.


- Protocol

DirectIP protocol only


- Codec

H.264 is supported. H.265 is also supported but the firmware version of DV-1104 should be 1.1.0 or higher. To upgrade to v1.1.0, Bios upgrade is mandatory. 

Software for BIOS is downloadable along with v1.1.0 firmware from idisglobal.com.


88 Software Q. What is the maximum number of identifier I can create? 2017-04-17
Identifiers, numbers in square brackets in the picture below. are only available in IDIS Solution Suite Video Wall Agent and used for an IDIS Network Keyboard to select a device to control. The identifiers can increase as many as the number of devices that ISS Administration service can register because there is no limitation on the number of identifier. 

In addition, Identifiers appears only in Video Wall Agent, not in IDIS Center or IDIS Solution Suite Client, and one IDIS Solution Suite Administration service can register 1024 devices.


87 Software Q. What should I do if I cannot scan any camera with Auto Scan in IDIS Solution Suite setup? 2017-04-11

When there is a software distributed by Apple running in a PC.

Auto Scan of IDIS Solution Suite uses mDNSResponder service distributed by Apple.

Software made by Apple also uses mDNSResponder. So, sometimes the Apple software conflict with Auto Scan of IDIS Solution Suite and IDIS Solution Suite cannot scan cameras. 


Please delete Apple software if it is installed in a PC where IDIS Solution Suite is installed for better device scanning. Or, keep a PC or PCs to be utilized only for IDIS Solution Suite.




86 Software Q. What should I do If I lost login password for IDIS Solution Suite? 2017-04-11

We provide you with a temporary password that you can login your IDIS Solution Suite to reset the password.

Before giving you a temporary password, you must send us the Secret Key of your IDIS Solution Suite first.


The steps to get Secret Key are as below.


1) Run Secret Key in Utility of IDIS Solution Suite.


2) Click "Create Secret Key".


3) Save "EncryptedKey.dat" file.


4) Send the file to the distributor from who you purchased the ISS.


5) The distributor passes the encrypted key to IDIS technical support team, and you will get a temporary password soon.

85 Camera Q. Why the cameras do not synchronize the time? 2016-09-05

For the cameras, DC-F1211A, DC-F1211, DC-F1111, DC-E1112WR, and  DC-E1212WR, the time setting will be changed randomly when the cameras reboot because their RTC(Real Time Clock) do not have batteries. For this reason, “Time Sync“ setting is necessary to automatic synchronize the time after reboot.


On DirectIP mode, the cameras do synchronize the time automatically without “Time Sync” setting because DirectIP protocol is auto-configuration oriented mode, but for the cameras running on IDIS protocol mode, the cameras do not time-synchronization unless a user manually configure the time on the menu, "Time Sync. This configuration can be set up from the camera remote setup.

Time Sync.PNG
84 Camera Q. What SD card interfaces do IDIS cameras support ? 2016-09-05
SD Memory capacity, basic format type and transmission speed vary depending on SD Interface specification. IDIS IP Cameras support the SD memory interfaces listed below.
  • SD card

    • Memory Storage: 128MB ~ 2GB

    • Format Type: FAT16

    • able to use on all devices support SD, SDHC and SDXC

  • SDHC card

    • Memory Storage: 2GB~32GB

    • Format Type:  FAT32

    • able to use on devices support SDHC and SDXC (should check logo on device for compatibility)

  • SDXC card

    • Memory Storage: 64GB ~ 2TB

    • Format Type: exFAT

    • able to use on divices support SDXC (should check logo on device for compatibility)

83 Software Q. What is Multiple Recording Setup (from ISS > Admin Setup > Device Tab > Right click on a Camera > Multiple Recording Setup)? 2015-12-27

Multiple recording defines the stream of recording preset which can be set from Recording schedule setting > Action setting. This feature only works with IDIS cameras.

82 Software Q. ISS specification states up to 64 recording per admin. What does it mean? 2015-12-27
Up to 64 recording services can be registered to Admin service. 
Admin service supports up to 64 services for each of the following services, Recording service, Redundant service, Recording Failover.
81 Software Q. How many channels does an IDIS fisheye camera consumes when it connected to ISS? A fisheye camera consumes 2 to 4 channels in NVR. Is it same on ISS? 2015-12-27

In ISS, fisheye camera is treated the same as other camera, so it only consumes 1 channel.

80 Software Q. What does it mean when VW Agent shows “Connection failed Agent key is incorrect” and not able to connect with Video Wall Server? 2015-12-27
The error message occurs when the agent information does not match to the registerd agent information on VW Service. It can occur when VW Agent is uninstalled / installed without unregistration from VW Service.
Unregister and re-register to solve the problem. If the problem persists after unregister, uninstalling and re-installing of VW Agent may be required.
79 Software Q. How to check if Failover services were operated or operating? 2015-12-27

Other failover services (Fed., Mon., VW) status can be checked from Status menu of ISS Setup.

78 Software Q. What is the Segment list displayed in playback? 2015-12-27

Segment occurs when the recording time is changed and more than one video recordings happened in the same time invertal. To avoid the loss of video, it creates segments to store all the data.

77 Software Q. How does ‘Load Balancing’ work when it is set to ‘Use’ while only 1 streaming service is running? 2015-12-27

Load balancing only works when there are more than 2 streaming services are available.

76 Software Q. What is the maximum file size of a clip-copy made from IDIS Center? 2015-12-27

It can create a clip-copy up to 64GB with multiple files, 4GB per file.