IDIS Center

License-Free Video Management Software
  • Remote surveillance of live video and remote playback of recordings
  • Real-time notification of detected events and remote monitoring of events
  • Panic recording of live videos and playback recordings
  • Registration of up to 1,024 devices
  • Simultaneous remote software upgrades and multiple system setup
  • Displays for device system logs
  • Monitoring live e-map
  • SSL support to ensure secure communication
  • Authority settings by individual or user groups
  • Intuitive and user-oriented GUI
  • Supports Removable HDD (Or SD Card)
  • Live viewing, searches, e-maps, and condition monitoring executed simultaneously by displaying distinctly different panels across four monitors.
LIVE VIDEOLive videos of registered sites can be monitored. IDIS Center program receives videos according to the device's settings and displays live videos. Up to 4 Live panels are supported for monitoring live videos.
MAP MONITORINGThe camera videos of registered devices, events, and status of connection I/O devices can be monitored on a map. Map monitoring supports up to 4 Live panels and Map panels.
SNAP SHOT ON MOTION EVENTWhen ‘Motion Event Freeze-frame’ is clicked in the Panel Toolbar, still images of videos recorded during Event Record Dwell (Event and pre-event) are shown in the Play panel. Recording information of the selected freeze-frame is displayed on the timetable. When user clicks anywhere on the recorded data on the time table, a freeze-frame image of the selected time is shown. Placing the mouse cursor over the freeze-frame brings up a popup viewer screen above the freeze-frame.
SYSTEM STATUS MONITORINGThe system status of registered devices can be monitored in realtime.
System status monitoring is supported in the Status panel.
If a Status tab doesn't exist in the panel tabs, you can add them by selecting New Tab in the System menu and clicking Health.
Once Health tab is added, the health monitoring results are automatically displayed.
Installation environment Accessory configuration
Brochure IDIS Center(v7.0,eng)
Manual IDIS Center Manual v6.2
A&E Specification IDIS Center A&E Specification v1.0
Software IDIS Center v6.3.0


IDIS Mobile

Mobile App for IP Surveillance