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Arizona virtual guarding company pioneers new video monitoring services with deep learning analytics

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Virtual guarding service provider looks to video advances to drive growth

VMI is a forward-thinking remote monitoring and virtual guarding company based in Arizona.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has staked out a leadership position in video monitoring services, today protecting a growing list of customer sites across the United States. Having already been successful in sectors including logistics, banking, cannabis, and food processing, the company wanted to work even smarter and leverage the latest advances in video technology to meet the growing need for virtual guarding services in the mid-sized and smaller market.


Emerging AI-driven analytics are key to unlocking new services for customers

VMI’s directors were convinced that emerging developments in AIpowered analytics had the potential to transform the remote video monitoring services market. The main challenges to overcome, in order to serve a wider customer base with more powerful video capabilities, were keeping costs at a competitive level; satisfying multiple, site-specific end-user priorities; and providing customizable service options for applications of any size.

Meeting these challenges meant finding a solution that encompassed a new generation of automated video analytics tools, simple IP configuration, and ONVIF® third-party support. The combination of hardware and software would need to come with the assurance of high performance and reliability that also offered both Cite and its customers minimal maintenance and troubleshooting requirements, and low ongoing licensing fees.

With the right technology, the VMI management team was confident it could offer a more tailored, responsive, and proactive level of service than previously possible, something which went beyond what customers were used to. Done right, this would boost the company’s growth further, and add value to its existing customer base.


Cost-effective VMS and highly accurate deep-learning analytics

Cite identified IDIS Solutions Suite (ISS) VMS, with IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, as the best foundation for its monitoring services, along with modules for federated architecture to manage an unlimited number of customer sites, multi-layered failover, and video wall services. The ISS video wall gives VMI’s security operatives comprehensive visual awareness, and it lets them smoothly handle multi-task operations from a single intuitive interface. Increased automation allows the company to meet every customer’s standard operating procedures, compliance needs, and operational requirements, on a site-by-site basis.

The VMI team is helped by highly accurate deep-learning powered line-cross detection, loitering detection, and object detection, all of which are much less prone to being triggered by harmless environmental factors than traditional analytics. Instead of continual attention and mental stamina being needed to focus on multiple camera streams, Cite’s system operators now only need to view a single customer video feed, and decide on what action to take, when a real event or threat occurs.

Reducing the workload, IDIS Deep Learning Analytics handles the 24/7 vigilance, leaving operators to focus on what they are best at: delivering a more tailored, responsive, and impressive customer service.

VMI’s customers have the flexibility to mix and match NDAA-compliant IDIS and ONVIF® third-party cameras to provide complete indoor and outdoor coverage, and IDIS NVRs or servers to meet specific storage requirements. They benefit from affordable, plug-and-play AI appliances to reap the benefits of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics more easily. Using IDIS VMS ensures seamless connectivity of multiple sites and devices and lets Cite’s monitoring center reduce the burden and cost of out-of-hours or 24/7 centralized video monitoring, and provides guaranteed and continuous access to recorded footage, and event reporting.

Results and Benefits

VMI delivers more affordable customised services - no longer limited to security only

The assurance of advanced Korean-made tech and the latest deep-learning powered analytics is allowing Cite to deliver more affordable, customized services, with a single system operator now able to oversee many more sites than previously.

One-off licensing fees for an unlimited number of sites and devices, and improved ease-of-use, have cut Cite’s operating costs, helping the company to serve a wider range of customers and meet growing demand. And as further IDIS Deep Learning Analytics are developed, VMI will be able to offer new tailored serviced going beyond security.

At the same time, VMI’s customers benefit from IDIS signature plug-and-play installation; streamlined cybersecurity; one-off license fees; equipment backed by an industry-leading warranty; and the flexibility and scalability of backward compatibility and integration with third-party systems such as access control. And they have the assurance of a futureproof surveillance solution with a low total cost of ownership.

"This type of 24/7 granular site monitoring was previously the preserve of large corporate customers or public safety operators with dedicated and fully-staffed control rooms - now even small businesses can benefit from VMI’s video monitoring and virtual guarding services thanks to the power of IDIS VMS and AI technology."

San Kim

Operations Director, Cite Powered by VMI